Eric Reid to visit the Bengals

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A month into free agency, Eric Reid is finally drawing some interest.

Reid, the safety whose lack of offers has led some to suggest he’s being blackballed for kneeling during the national anthem, will visit the Bengals, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The 26-year-old Reid has played his entire five-year NFL career with the 49ers. He became a free agent this offseason and there were no reports of any teams showing interest, even though he’s been a starter throughout his career.

But the Bengals have been looking for an upgrade in the secondary, and they may be the team to give Reid an offer. If they do, it may quell the talk that he’s been blackballed, although questions about why it took so long for him to get an offer will persist.

Reid was the first player to join then-teammate Colin Kaepernick‘s protest in 2016.

43 responses to “Eric Reid to visit the Bengals

  1. Just as long as he never wears a Niners uniform again, I’m good. Dude didn’t even know why he was protesting. He wasn’t gonna stand, then realized no one wanted to sign him so then said he was gonna stand, then didnt care if he got signed, now he blames everyone but himself. Dude is a hypocrite. You won’t be missed, Reid.

  2. Once he gets his contract he’ll go back to kneeling and being a general loser. That way he can have something to blame it on when he gets cut because he’d rather kneel than play.

  3. Of coarse it’s the bengals. I live 20 minutes from Cincinnati. I hate that team and every player on it. Reid would be a perfect fit.

  4. Reid has definitely shown he can play in this league and deserves another shot.This is one of the best nations in the world but its clear this nation has a problem with its past that continues til this day, and then when you speak on it you get “blackballed” (but then again back in the day they would have just put a bullet in your head) so I guess you can say it has gotten better.

  5. cja sewell says:
    April 9, 2018 at 3:06 pm
    The envy is too funny.
    Not as funny as the irony in your post.

  6. I actually like Eric more than Kap. He’s much smarter and more level-headed.

    That being said, him telling teams that he will now STAND for the anthem is so, so, WEAK. These guys only believed in their stance when it was safe. As soon as they needed a job they ditched their beliefs. Doesn’t say much about their true convictions.

  7. I think this would be a good move for the Bengals. It’s a low risk high reward situation. Bring him in and if he’s true to his word and doesn’t kneel then they get an instant upgrade at Safety. If he decides to kneel send him packing.

  8. From a football perspective, this is a typical Bengals free-agent move. They’ll sign him to a 1 year deal and hope it pays off.

    From a political stand-point, this is interesting. Brown did not condemn Trump’s anti-player comments as strongly as some of the other owners, and the Bengals were one of the teams where none of the players knelt throughout the season. I think Brown and Marvin directed players to stand, although that’s speculation on my part. I’m surprised the Bengals may pursue Reid, but if they do a deal, I hope it works out.

  9. To all the haters, his PFF rating of 81.4 was the highest of any of the Niners safeties last year. He plays at a high level and he’s been a probowler before. I hope the Niners were just letting the market set his salary and then they’ll match. Without him, they are going into next year with only Tartt, Colbert and Ward (who’s never been healthy) as viable starters. When someone protests, I try to listen, not make judgments based on what I want to believe.

  10. SFGate, March 22, 2018:

    “On Thursday, more than a week into his unemployment, former 49ers safety Eric Reid said NFL teams have contacted his agent, although a deal doesn’t appear imminent.

    “We’ll see what happens,” Reid said. “I know my agent is in communication with a couple of teams.”

    Well, there goes that narrative that “there were no reports of any teams showing interest.” Reid himself said a few teams call his agent just a few weeks ago.

    And no, he was NOT A STARTER last year. He got benched by a better player – that’s why he’s available.

  11. stoptrippn says:

    April 9, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Illoka out

    More like Shawn Williams.

  12. It’s crazy everyone wants to make kneeling a political thing. It’s not, it’s a human rights thing. Any person with a good moral compass understands there are atrocities in this country involving race relations. It’s sad that the plight of so many is ignored because people feel uncomfortable acknowledging the truth. With that being said, I hope Reid retracts his statement and chooses to kneel and bring light to the issues involving equality in this land.

  13. Friggin ay the Vikings could definitely use a young talented safety to go along side Harrison Smith. To get talent like that on the cheap would be a steal!

  14. rxv5854 says:
    April 9, 2018 at 3:54 pm
    Cue the fake outrage and fake promises of Bengals fans saying they’ll never watch the team again.
    Literally no one is saying that here.

    But also, Bengals fans saying they’ll never watch the team again would have little to do with signing Reid. It would have more to do with re-signing Marvin, or the last two years. Or the last 20 without a playoff win. Or the last 50 years. If the Bengals were going into the season with Bodine at center and Ogbuehi at left tackle, I’d be one of those talking about not watching this team.

  15. I don’t know how these guys suit up and play for fan bases that don’t even value them as humans. How could you hate someone because of the color of their skin but root for them on the field? It’s mind-boggling.

  16. 1. Someone tell me what Reid was kneeling for…
    2. If you have an answer please share what he changed… 3. If you got this far congratulations, but if he had a legitimate cause and if he changed it made anything better then why would he go into the offseason saying he’ll stop doing the positive things he supposedly did…

    Hypocrites anonymous called Eric, they need a face to help brand their definition.

  17. 1. He kneeled to shed light on the unarmed African Americans who had been executed by police officers over the last couple of years.

    2. Nothing changed, America is still America

  18. And no, he was NOT A STARTER last year. He got benched by a better player – that’s why he’s available.
    Really, he was injured for 4 games last year and he had 12 starts. I don’t know how someone starts every game they are healthy and is considered “NOT A STARTER” as you put it. During the season, the Niners had tons of injuries in the secondary and at the LB position. They moved Reid to LB and brought Colbert in to play safety. The Niners said it was the best way to get their most talented players on the field. Reid was not benched. If there were no injuries to the defense last year, Colbert, a 6th round rookie who had never started a game before would not have come in and started in place of Reid. If there weren’t a lot of injuries, Colbert would have never seen the field last year.

  19. jbaxt says:
    1. Someone tell me what Reid was kneeling for…
    2. If you have an answer please share what he changed…

    1. He was kneeling as a protest for police killing unarmed (black) men, but you knew that.
    2. He lost his job and he decided getting paid was better than kneeling since kneeling does nothing to stop police from killing unarmed (black) men.

    This really isn’t hard. He was part of an extremely misguided movement that brought attention to an issue that already has a TON of attention brought to it by the media. As a Bengals fan, if he can help the team win more games, then sign him. I’ll form my own political opinions and have no problem keeping it separate from my sports fandom, regardless of what the players do or say before the game.

  20. jordan4440 says:
    April 9, 2018 at 3:09 pm
    Of coarse it’s the bengals. I live 20 minutes from Cincinnati. I hate that team and every player on it. Reid would be a perfect fit.

    Only a miserable person in life can have that much hate. Even if you aren’t a fan of the team not sure how you can “hate” the likes of AJ Green, Geno Atkins, Dunlap, Eifert, Dalton, etc and all the other guys that just go about their business in a professional manner as well as do a lot of work to help the community.

  21. He can draw interest, but not likely to be signed until the point that his signing would not upset a team’s compensatory pick formula. That is why everything is going slow now. This is especially true for the safety market. Only safeties signing are those who are cut – and, therefore, not a part of the formula.

  22. I liked Reid and wish he was still a Niner. Alot of you somehow cnt seperate football and THEIR life from your judgement.

  23. This guy is a bum. Dalton will make him look good in practice, then he’ll look like Taylor Mays when the lights come on.

  24. Sounds like another reason for pathetic Bengals fans to sell their seat license.

  25. It is absolutely hilarious how many claim to know what another man thinks and/or believes when they themselves arent about nothing. i ask often and have yet to ever get a response- Why does one man saying he wants equality for all, hurt your emotions so much? If you think Blacks are treated equally in america, it is something wrong with you, not the person(s) kneeling

  26. With every action, there is a consequence!! If a team feels like they will alienate their fan base, that is business!! It’s a shame some of these players don’t realize this…. We will see in time, if he is signed or not.

  27. People want to make the owners out as racist but the bottom line is they run a business and kneeling hurt their business.

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