Gil Brandt: Mike McGlinchey will go in the top 10 (updated)

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There’s a chance that 40 percent of the Notre Dame starting offensive line in 2017 will be among the first 10 players picked in the 2018 NFL draft.

Asked to identify the biggest surprise in the top 10 by Peter King of, Gil Brandt of picks Irish tackle Mike McGlinchey.

He’ll go in the top 10,” Brandt said.

If it happens, McGlinchey may join Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson, who widely is regarded as a guy who’ll be taken in the top 10. Some of the more prominent mock drafts (we’ll have one, and it will be posted whenever it’s posted) have McGlinchey going no higher than No. 16, to the Ravens.

Brandt’s prediction suggests that he’s reliably been told by a team picking in the top 10 that McGlinchey will be the pick. In 17 days, we’ll see whether it happens. Along with every other pick taken in round one.

UPDATE 5:28 p.m. ET: Brandt claims he was misquoted. “I’m getting killed on Twitter,” he said in a tweet directed to King. “I didn’t realize you were asking me a prediction for the top 10. I thought you asked what would surprise me most in top 10. I would be shocked if McGlinchey went in top 10. I wouldn’t be shocked if he slid out of Round 1.”

7 responses to “Gil Brandt: Mike McGlinchey will go in the top 10 (updated)

  1. You win and lose games in the trenches. I’m never opposed to the Ravens stockpiling talent there.

  2. Don’t make the same mistake the Vikings did and pass on a guy like Luke Kuechly for Matt Kalil.

    If you know it’s a weak tackle draft just take the best player available.

  3. I was hoping to #12 to the Giants if they trade with Buffalo. No LT at 12, no trade. The Giants have been jumped so many times, i doubt they will trade past the Broncos (who would be smart to take what’s leftover. Tha way, Elway won’t look stupid trading up for someone who could just as easily fall to them.

    There’s Darnold and everyone else. And even then…

  4. .
    Many of the mock drafters had 3 tackles going in round one. Most ranked them :

    1. Connor Williams
    2. Mike McGlinchey
    3. Kolton Miller

  5. Anyone with half a brain knows that this is an anemic draft for offensive tackle. The draft is brimming with interior o-line though. There isn’t a tackle I would take in the draft in the 1st round. In fact, there are at least 4 guards and 2 centers I would take before I even considered Mcglinchey, he’s not even the best tackle in the draft. I respect Brant’s contribution to the game but unless he knows/heard something, I can’t possible think he is among the top 10 best players in the draft.

  6. 85 year old Gil also thought JaMarcus Russell and Johnny Manziel were elite QB prospects and he vouched for Johnny’s high character because he knew the family. He also regularly forgets Tom Brady’s name on his radio show and refers to him as #12 of the Patriots. Anyone can make mistakes and I’m sure that McGlinchey is an extremely good prospect but be wary of old Gil’s hyperbole.

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