Josh Rosen starts busy week in Buffalo

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The draft gets started two weeks from Thursday and that leaves teams with dwindling time to make final decisions about where they rank this year’s prospects.

With as many as six quarterbacks on track to come off the board in the first round, the way teams rank those players will have a great deal of impact on how things play out in Dallas later this month. UCLA’s Josh Rosen is one of those quarterbacks and he’ll be visiting with four teams this week that are thought to be looking for help at that spot.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Rosen’s week will begin with a trip to Buffalo to visit with the Bills. The Bills currently hold the 12th, 22nd, 53rd, 56th and 65th picks in this year’s draft, leaving them with capital to spend on the kind of trade up the board they’ll likely need to make if they want to draft Rosen.

The Giants, Jets and Cardinals will follow the Bills on Rosen’s itinerary this week.

5 responses to “Josh Rosen starts busy week in Buffalo

  1. Have a feeling the Bills only would move up to about 8th…
    Anything else would require paying a King;s ransom…

  2. Have a feeling the Bills only would move up to about 8th…
    Anything else would require paying a King;s ransom…


    They have a kings ransom. They could trade two 1s, a 2nd and the #1 3rd rounder and still have a pick in every round this year. If the Bills are ever going to move up to try and get their guy, its this year. Theres always the argument about lack of talent around the QB, but they have 2-3 more rounds to find starting caliber players this year and a huge amount of cap space and a full draft next year. Get the Qb now, load up the team next year

  3. The Bills will work a deal with Gettlemann and the Giants for the #2 pick. In return they give up both first rounders this year, Shady McCoy and a 2nd or 3rd next year. McCoy is 30 and at maximum trade value. They have several good young backs on the roster now and they draft another this year. Hello franchise quarterback.

  4. If Rosen is truly the apple of Buffalo’s eyes (as opposed to other reports I’ve seen where they are the highest on Josh Allen) then I don’t realistically see a way for them to get him short of getting the 2nd pick from the Giants, otherwise I’d see Rosen as a lock to the Jets at 3 unless Cleveland goes in a completely different direction than what is expected.

  5. The closer we get to the draft, the wider the gap gets between now and the last college game. So that means there’s a lot of evaluating going on that doesn’t include playing football. That’s how Dan Marino slipped, and I believe the same thing will happen to Josh Rosen.

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