Landon Collins “buried the hatchet” with Eli Apple

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New Giants head coach Pat Shurmur, defensive coordinator James Bettcher and General Manager Dave Gettleman have all talked about giving cornerback Eli Apple a clean slate after a rough 2017 season.

It appears that the teammate who called Apple a “cancer” as that season was coming to an end is willing to do the same thing. Safety Landon Collins apologized for making that comment, which came after Collins had made previous calls for Apple to grow up during a season that saw the 2016 first-round pick benched and suspended by the team at various points.

Collins was back at work with the rest of the team with the offseason program starting on Monday and sang a different tune about Apple. According to multiple reporters, Collins said he’s “buried the hatchet” with Apple and is “glad” to have him back because the team needs him at cornerback.

With Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie gone from a group fronted by Janoris Jenkins, it’s hard to argue with that assessment of Apple’s place with the Giants heading into the 2018 season.

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  1. The problem with the Giants last year was not Apple. It was the rest of the Giants defense that was going through the motions and letting the whole team down. They need to learn that they need to play at a high level regardless of what’s going on on the other side of the ball or what the score is.

  2. Good for them. Has Eli accepted any responsibility? If not, then the problem will resurface. Have him defend OBJ, provided OBJ shows up for OTAs and camps.

  3. You understand the defense was on the field for a crazy amount of time last year so whatever problems they were having was probably partially due to that and the frustration caused by the fact that no matter what you did on defense your offense was horrible so you we’re more than likely going to be right back out there or basically stuck with the same score, remember offense wasn’t really going anywhere when McAdoo was calling the plays.
    People act like football players aren’t supposed to get tired, but when you have to keep coming out because your coach doesn’t know anything about running the ball, ie., darkwa was by far the best back in the backfield last year, but McAdoo wouldn’t put him in so we were giving the ball right back, oh and did I mention our oline was garbage last. The giants defense was probably a little tired and frustrated last year.

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