Report: Giants like Darnold but not Rosen

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Two weeks after former UCLA coach Jim Mora suggested that former USC quarterback Sam Darnold would be a better fit for the Browns than former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, the Giants reportedly have decided to follow Mora’s advice.

Matt Lombardo of reports, citing an unnamed NFL talent evaluator, that the Giants would take Darnold if he’s there at No. 2, but that the Giants wouldn’t take Rosen.

“If Darnold is available, they’re taking Darnold,” the unnamed evaluator told Lombardo. “They don’t like Rosen.”

If the Browns take Darnold at No. 1, the Giants would then turn to former Penn State running back Saquon Barkley or former N.C. State defensive end Bradley Chubb. The Giants reportedly are torn on whether to take Barkley or Chubb, balancing the need for an edge rusher after the trade of Jason Pierre-Paul against their high regard for Barkley.

If accurate, it’s a fascinating peek inside the New York draft board. But like so much of the information that flows from unnamed scouts this time of year, it’s fair to wonder whether someone is trying to push a subtle (or not) agenda. For example, if the Browns would like to explore trading out of the top spot in the draft with a team that wants Darnold, what better way to lure a viable offer than to push the idea that Darnold’s floor is No. 2?

With so much riding on what the Giants do with the pick, the Giants have no reason to leak this information. Unless, of course, someone within the organization wants to avoid drafting a quarterback and hopes to ensure that Darnold will be gone at No. 1, so that the Giants can then choose between Barkley and Chubb.

Indeed, drafting a quarterback with the second overall pick could get very awkward, given the lingering presence of Eli Manning. Appearing last month on PFT Live, Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy suggested that the Giants should choose based on their evaluation, without regard to the question of whether picking a quarterback could set the stage for a clunky transfer of the baton at some point, sooner or later.

60 responses to “Report: Giants like Darnold but not Rosen

  1. The Giants were obviously not listening to Mora , because what Mora said was ” Rosen was a better fit for the Giants “

  2. There is a zero percent chance this is coming from the Giants or from anyone in a position to know. The reality is anyone saying anything about the draft is pushing an agenda and telling the truth is not on that agenda.

  3. The Bills make a deal with Cleveland, swoop in and take Darnold at # 1. The Browns still have #4, and now #12,and 22, plus maybe a 2nd or 3d rounder and a player, maybe Shaq Lawson or Shady McCoy. Tyrod and Shady love playing together.

  4. This also forces the Browns to take Barkley at 1, if they want him. No way they can get both Darnold and Barkley, if they ‘fall’ for this or if it’s true. THAT’S the smokescreen.

    That leaves Darnold to the Giants but the Browns HAVE to draft Darnold. Anyone else and they fail, the Browns will get abused. Darnold is a win win, even if he busts they can say “everyone had him #1”.

    This leaves the Giants with the guy they want: Barkley. Worse case scenario, they actually like Darnold enough and take him or trade out a now very valuable pick.

    Smart leak.

  5. Any GM who drafts Rosen or Darnold in first round should be fired immediately.

  6. I remember when all the geniuses over analyzed Dan Marino and he ended up going to Don Shula. Don’t be shocked if Bill Belichick ends up with Josh Rosen. There are just so many GM’s that are not qualified to do their job. They get hired by people that know very little about football. I mean, guys like Jed York, who never worked a day in their lives, but inherited a team, are some of the guys hiring GM’s. How would they even know what questions to ask in an interview? That’s why a guy like Bill Belichick is able to get to the super bowl almost every year. He’s smart, but most of his competitors are unqualified.

  7. I get the pressure of needing a qb in this league, but with that said, I don’t see any of these guys being worth a top ten pick. I simply don’t see the upside that balances their faults in any of these guys. I think if we are lucky there will be one successful starter out of this bunch. These GMs would be better off drafting BPA with their #1 and trading their 2nd to the Eagles for Foles.

  8. .
    If the Giants like Chubb, they’d be better off trading back to 4. Everyone knows that the Jets are taking a QB at #3.

  9. The Bills make a deal with Cleveland, swoop in and take Darnold at # 1. The Browns still have #4, and now #12,and 22, plus maybe a 2nd or 3d rounder and a player, maybe Shaq Lawson or Shady McCoy. Tyrod and Shady love playing together.


    Do it Bills! Trade 12,22, a third and Shady to the Browns!

    I’d love to see that. It would be such a Bills thing to do!

  10. Agreed. Giants are not desperate for a QB so they may be happy enough if the first pick is Sam Darnold, so they can pick whoever they want next.

  11. If the Jets can get the best QB in the draft at 3 in Rosen they’ll be ecstatic . The scouts who don’t let ol their politics get in the way of evaluations or don’t look at a great trait ( inquisitiveness) as a negative trait pretty much all agree .

    Allen is bad on tape, on dvd, on blue ray . Throws great in shorts though . Like Jamarcus, Jeff George, and David Klingler.
    Darnold is a second rounder if not for that 2017 Rose Bowl
    Mayfield might be good but the Wilson comps are ridiculous.

  12. Just realized, this might force the Browns to trade up with the Giants if they want Barkley and Darnold.

    Then the Giants can get CHubb or Nelson at 4 and get Cleveland’s top pick in round 2.

    The Giants can then draft Chubb, and whatever combo of Olman they want at 33 and 34. Or a RB and a an Olman Outside of a handful of picks (Sintim, Moss, Thomas), the Giants have had some great 2nd round picks in the past 15 years. And Thomas was very good, just was injury prone to start with and end with. Sintim was awful and Moss always looked lost. He looked like a guy who just didn’t know the playbook.

  13. Stop this ridiculousness. The Giants want Barkley @ #2 and that is it. They didn’t spend $62 Million to sign Solder to wait two to three years for a college QB to develop. This is a win-now team according to Gettleman. And the Giants feel that with a running game and an improved offensive line, Eli just might have 3-4 years remaining. Are you going to draft a QB to have him wait out his initial contract? C’mon, think people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Cleveland should take Allen and leave Darnold for the Giants. That way they still control the board. If there is a team wanting to move up to #4 CLE will be in position for the extra draft picks. I see Buffalo coming up to #4 with #12 and #22. Cleveland can still take a DE and OT in R1. There will be plenty of RB’s in R2.

  15. Like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, m’boy Baker Mayfield’s gonna keep that chip on his shoulder. If height ever made someone a great QB, then Brock Osweiler — all Six-Foot-Eight of him — would have won two (2) Super Bowl rings by now lol

    Franchise Quarterbacking is about consistency. Baker Mayfield has the most consistent 3-Year record among all of the draftees. Suffice it to say, Sam Darnold only played two years at USC — one more year than The Sanchize, but Darnold is not better than Carson Palmer.

    So there ya go, Big Blue!

  16. This could also be the Giants advertising the 2nd pick. Perhaps the Giants released this info thinking some team that loves Darnold will give them a haul for the right to select him. Maybe the Browns?

    In this scenario, the Giants truly want Rosen (or one of the other non-Darnold QBs) but know the Browns want to take Saquon Barkley with the 1st pick. The Giants know the Jets can only take one QB with the 3rd pick, so they’re looking to swap their 2nd pick with the Browns who they think will take their franchise QB—likely Darnold—with the 4th pick to pair with Saquon. The Giants snag their man Rosen (perhaps) with the 4th pick, and the world keeps spinning.

    This is really a win/win for the Giants, because they’ll either force Cleveland to take Darnold with that 1st pick and then miss out on Saquon when the Giants draft him 2nd (something they’d also be happy to do), or make Cleveland trade up with them so that Cleveland has the top two picks in the draft to get Saquon and Darnold 1st and 2nd.

    SUMMARY: Giants likely trying to bait Cleveland into trading up to the 2nd pick from the 4th pick to yield this result:

    (1) Barkley – CLE;
    (2) Darnold -CLE;
    (3) Rosen/Allen/Mayfield -NYJ;
    (4) Rose/Allen/Mayfield – NYG.

  17. Translation: The Giants are eyeing someone else and know the Brown’s want Darnold so they are floating being in love with Darnold #1 and Barkley #2 so Cleveland will trade up two spots to grab Barkley. Giants clearly know the guy they want will be there at #4.

  18. Bills fan here, Dear Browns, please take Darnold 1st overall so we an trade up with the Giants at the 2nd pick.

  19. They need to replace Pierre Paul. Take Chubb. Defense wins championships. RB’s last 5 years.

  20. I’m sensing this is as mentioned above a smokescreen but for NY to obtain Barkley. Let them have him, the Browns need to take QB at 1 & 4. No top rusher has led the NFL and won a super bowl since when…I’m guessing more than 10 years. NE and Philly didn’t even have a top 10 rusher.

  21. If i were the giants I would do everything I can to get a team like Buffalo to give up the kings randsom for #2. If they don’t get a blow your doors off deal then I would go Bradley Chubb.

    Best value Qb pick in this draft IMO is Luke Falk from Washington State.

  22. Not for nothing, but doesn’t Darnold sound like a mentally challenged guy named Arnold?

  23. I can’t wait for the first report of Rosen arguing with his coach just like Osweiler did with O’Brien.
    Round 2 of the QB wars will be hilarious.

  24. Giants aren’t my team but they should trade down. They can get more picks and this draft is running back heavy.

  25. bleedredwhiteandblue66 says:
    April 9, 2018 at 8:04 pm
    The Bills make a deal with Cleveland, swoop in and take Darnold at # 1. The Browns still have #4, and now #12,and 22, plus maybe a 2nd or 3d rounder and a player, maybe Shaq Lawson or Shady McCoy. Tyrod and Shady love playing together.

    I needed a good laugh this morning…thanks.

  26. Report: Nobody knows who’s going to get drafted by any particular team or at what slot. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have the most worthless jobs in America. If their jobs actually meant something, they’d be fired by one “Mock Draft” review. If they had any clue how to actually put together a successful drats, they’d be NFL GMs.

    Let’s quit the nonsense and just watch the dang thing and see what happens…that would make way too much sense in 2018.

  27. “…With so much riding on what the Giants do with the pick, the Giants have no reason to leak this information…”

    Of course they do. It muddies the waters. It makes any team (who wants to believe this) that wants Darnold consider trading up to 2. There are plenty of reasons why the Giants might leak this information, if it was them.

    Of course, as others have said, the Jets could be trying to get Cleveland to take Barkley first to increase the chances that their guy is there at 3.

  28. TheCommish said:

    “Gotta take Barkley or trade down. There’s not one franchise QB in this draft”


    This is arguably the deepest QB draft in well over a decade, and you don’t think there’s a single franchise QB? Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Jackson, Mayfield, and Rudolph (among others) are all destined to be busts?

  29. Giants are in a weird position. They probably won’t pick this high again for a while, and there are lots of QBs to choose from. Problem is, all the QBs have question marks, and the best player in the draft, Barkley, will be sitting right there. Eli Manning doesn’t seem to be the problem either. He doesn’t light the world on fire but he’s still a very good NFL QB with at least a couple years left in the tank, so you don’t HAVE TO go for a QB necessarily. Unless you’re really sold on one of them, I’d almost play it safe and take Barkley, or take Chubb and try to replace JPP’s pass rushing. I just feel like we see so many teams sell out early for a QB, and if you miss on them, you set the organization back half a decade. If you hit, you’re straight for a decade, at least. I’m just not out on Eli yet, so I just don’t know if you want to roll the dice on a hot or miss QB when you have two guys who look like surefire studs sitting there too. But then again, when do you pick #2 again? I actually don’t envy any of these high-pick teams looking for a franchise QB this year, so many questions.

  30. For me Barkley should be the number one pick as the BPA, as the top four or five touted QBs available really do not jump off the page at us. Mayfield has the biggest upside for me but no way is he a number one pick. But we’ll just have to wait and see. If the Browns don’t take Barkley at 1 there’s no way I see the Giants letting him slide past them. He could add another two years to Eli’s career, simply by giving them the running game they haven’t had for eons.

  31. If true, this surprises me. Rosen seems like a perfect Manning successor to me, and well-equipped for this team. Smart, very good QB, politically and attitude compatible with the big city, etc. I’m sure they’d like someone as durable as Manning, but it’s hard to project that.

    I’m sure the Giants like the idea of a great defensive player or RB, but this is the best shot they’ve had at a top QB since they picked Manning. Unless they have their eyes on a hidden gem of a lower-round QB, passing on a QB at #2 seems like a risky move.

    Remember, they already have a generational offensive talent at a non-QB position – OBJ – and it’s done exactly squat for them in 4 seasons where they’ve failed to win a single playoff game. Barkley or Chubb, as good as they look, won’t change that if they’re out of luck at QB in a year or two.

  32. If public stories are coming out about QBs, then it’s obvious the player they are targeting is not a QB. So This is a smoke screen to keep attention away from Saquan Barkley.

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