Cardinals plan to practice outside some in training camp

Getty Images

Steve Wilks has a practice plan for training camp, but the new Cardinals coach knows his plan could go awry.

It’s not just hot in Phoenix in August; it’s really hot in Phoenix in August.

Yet, Wilks wants the Cardinals to practice outside “as much as possible” during training camp.

I’m listening to the stories,” Wilks said, via Darren Urban of the team website. “I’m saying we’re going to be outside, but we’ll see.”

Wilks recounts a story as a Chargers assistant coach when they played the Cardinals on a 118-degree day. He decided to walk around during the day only to turn back when he realized just how hot it was, ordering room service instead.

“I know the weather is an issue out here,” Wilks said. “I’ve talked to the trainers about that on several occasions. [Head athletic trainer] Tom [Reed] has looked at me [like], ‘OK.’ We’ll definitely see how it goes. I think it’s all about building that callus up. But I’m going to be smart.”

Like his story, it sounds like a good idea . . . until it’s hot. The Cardinals have an air-conditioned University of Phoenix Stadium that sounds like a better idea.