Cardinals won’t rush Sam Bradford onto field this offseason

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The Cardinals have a new quarterback playing for a new head coach and offensive coordinator this year, but there’s no urgency when it comes to getting that quarterback on the field to start running the offense during offseason work.

That was the message from head coach Steve Wilks during a Tuesday press conference. Wilks was asked about how many reps he anticipates Bradford getting when the team’s offseason program moves into on-field work, but Wilks said the focus right now is on other things with Bradford.

“The biggest thing we’re going to do with Sam is make sure that he’s ready to play 16-plus games,” Wilks said. “I’ve seen what he can do over the years. I’m not concerned about trying to get him out there quick as possible to throw the ball.”

Knee problems caused Bradford to miss 14 games last year and he’s torn his ACL twice in the past, so the 16-game plan hasn’t worked out that well in his previous stops. Wilks said the team has worked to put together a plan that leaves Bradford feeling “confident” about his health heading into the regular season.

Mike Glennon, Brandon Doughty and Alek Torgersen are the other quarterbacks on hand for the Cardinals right now.

14 responses to “Cardinals won’t rush Sam Bradford onto field this offseason

  1. Wilks, man… listen to Vikes fans… they’re in touch with reality, dontcha know, and they say Sam Bradford’s tough as nails!

  2. I still can’t believe what they’re paying him… he’s made of porcelain. If they get two regular season games out of him, I’ll be shocked. What a racket.

  3. He will be a probowl level QB for them..for about 10 quarters.

    I can’t think of a player who has stole more money then Bradford. Maybe Albert Haynesworth. Before you click thumbs down know this..I ain’t mad at the guy. Its not his fault stupid GMs throw money at him. Cards will regret not trading for him.

  4. I wouldn’t rush that guy anywhere to do anything.Every time that guy gets into any athletic activity… you run the risk of having to trigger his Life Alert.

  5. Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford…do the Cards ONLY use banged-up QBs from other teams’ discard piles? Have they ever considered drafting and developing a QB?

    Maybe the Matt Leinart burn still hurts…

  6. They won’t have that option anyway. He’ll be out for the season before September is over.

  7. Had knee injuries not cost Bradford so many games in his career, I think he could have been remembered as one of the best Quarterbacks of his era. If he is out any length of time during the 2018 season, he is done. I really hope he is able to stay healthy for the Cards this season. They could be good, or they can go in the crapper … It all depends on Sam.

  8. If Bradford would have ever had a good team/line it would have been scary the numbers he could have had. The Vikings were ready to protect him better then came the trick knee. Ironically the year before he took a real beating and held up well.

  9. Bradford looks good holding a clip board while wearing 2 knee braces, a neck collar, elbow cast, an ankle cast , a two finger splint on his throwing hand and a white gauze pad over his left eye

  10. Can’t believe they’re are still people out there who defend this guy’s career with if’s and buts. Please stop! This guy and his agent are the ultimate snake oil salesmen. Never been healthy, never done anything it dink and dunk the 14 games he managed to stay healthy in Minnesota in 2016. I’m unequivocally convinced his agent is a hypnotherapist who mind$&:!s gm’s into thin ink g Bradford is a competent starting qb. This guy has made 129 million dollars in 34 flipping wins! That’s 3.79 million per win! Never ever ever been to the playoffs. He may have been voted to the pro bowl once but was injured by his lap tray on the flight over so he missed that game.

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