Doug Williams refuses to rule out another quarterback

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Even though they’re well-set for a starter after trading for Alex Smith, and even though they cut a guy after trading for third-stringer Kevin Hogan, Washington vice president of player personnel Doug Williams didn’t rule out drafting another quarterback.

“When we get to [No.] 13, we’ve got to see who’s there,” Williams told Kimberley Martin of the Washington Post. “If there’s a quarterback that we feel should have gone [at the top of the draft], then that’s a major discussion. To say it’s off the table, that would be unfair.”

Of course, if Washington used a first-rounder on a quarterback, Smith would probably (quietly and politely and professionally) lose it, after that happened to him in Kansas City last year with Patrick Mahomes.

Of course, the best-player-available theory works better when it isn’t paired with a four-year, $94 million extension for Smith after the trade, so it remains unlikely they’d use the first pick on one. More likely is the fact Williams is delighted at all the quarterback talk around the first 12 picks, since each one picked pushes a better grade of non-quarterback player his way.

Williams also said they’ve long admired Hogan, and tried to claim him in 2016 when the Chiefs waived him, but he was awarded to the Browns.

6 responses to “Doug Williams refuses to rule out another quarterback

  1. What would be the upside of any organization giving any hints about who they will or wont take? If he ruled out any player he should immediately be fired. If I was running the draft I would want every team that picks after me to think I will draft the player they are in love with to offer me something to trade down.

  2. dirtydrynn27 says:
    April 10, 2018 at 6:49 am
    Dear Doug
    If you have an ounce of sense you would draft a NT with that 13th pick! you do know that the Redskins were 32nd against the run right?


    Every team should put out as many smokescreens as possible. Some teams might want to trade up. You don’t tell people who you want to pick. This is common sense

  3. Dear Doug,

    Please, please, please start the “Redskins would love to draft Mason Rudolph if available at 13” rumors.

    Hopefully some team will be dumb enough to trade up with us [Insert Patriots] to move into lucky #13.


  4. Dear Doug,

    Please understand you have no say in any of this. The Allen Brat will make all the decisions and so that he looks racially sensitive, he’ll let you announce all the moves the Brat makes.

    The sooner you realize you are there because of your skin pigment the better you’ll be able to handle the insidious and disgusting conduct of this team toward its players.

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