Eli Manning looks forward to working with Odell Beckham “for years to come”

Getty Images

While speaking to reporters after the Giants started their offseason program on Monday, Giants quarterback Eli Manning said that he had no issue with wide receiver Odell Beckham skipping a few days of workouts that Manning organized at Duke University last week.

Beckham continued to rehab his ankle instead of making the trip to North Carolina and Manning’s comment ensured that the receiver’s absence wouldn’t be added to the list of stories contributing to speculation that Beckham will be leaving the Giants. Manning referenced that speculation on Monday by saying he’s been paying it no mind this offseason.

“I think over the years you just can’t get caught up with what’s being said on TV or in the news or what people assume is happening,” Manning said, via Newsday. “It doesn’t help. You don’t know where these things get started or where it’s going. I think it’s important when those things happen to just have great communication with your coaches and with the ownership and whatnot and make sure everyone is on the same page. I never got too concerned with it. We all know the talent that Odell has and what he brings to the football field and I look forward to playing with him this year and for years to come.”

It certainly looks like the duo will be together in 2018, but the “years to come” part of Manning’s vision is less of a sure thing. Beckham does not have a contract beyond this season while the Giants may be taking Manning’s heir apparent at the top of the draft this month, which would make for a hazy future even if Manning is signed through the 2019 season.