Henry Anderson slims down to fit into Colts’ 4-3 defense

Getty Images

With the Colts moving to a 4-3 defense, Henry Anderson slimmed down for his anticipated new role. He expects to be an edge player in the base defense, while moving inside on passing downs.

Anderson, listed at 301 last season, lost 15-20 pounds, he said. He went on a meal plan designed by the team nutritionist while working out in Atlanta during the offseason.

“We switched the scheme up a little bit so I have to be a little bit quicker and faster,’’ Anderson said, via Mike Chappell of Indianapolis’ WTTV. “I definitely just feel like I’m moving a lot better because obviously not carrying as much weight so you can kind of move around and be a little more agile.

“I definitely feel good and am excited to get back on the field for sure.’’

Anderson has never played in a 4-3. He played the 3-4 at Stanford and in his first three seasons in the NFL, starting 19 of 29 games played.

“At the snap of the ball,’’ Anderson said, “you’re just freaking going. It’s not as much sitting back and waiting. You’re just going and trying to disrupt.

“It’s exciting to hear the coaches talk about it. I wish I knew how it’s going to be playing the defense, but I really haven’t played it before.’’

Anderson, 26, fractured his larynx in Week 9, which prematurely ended his season after 22 tackles and two sacks. But he is fully recovered and has received clearance for all offseason work.