Jets bringing Sam Darnold in for a visit


With the Jets in the market for a quarterback and picking third, they have to cover every base in the coming weeks.

And finally, they’re covering a big one.

According to Albert Breer of, the Jets are bringing Southern Cal quarterback Sam Darnold in for a visit in the coming days.

Darnold hadn’t been on their schedule until recently, which seemed an odd omission for a team with such an obvious need at the position. They had set up all the requisite visits with the other top quarterbacks, so checking off the Darnold box makes sense.

Darnold was going to be in the neighborhood anyway, as he has a visit with the Giants this week. Now he can see both sides, and compare and contrast.

11 responses to “Jets bringing Sam Darnold in for a visit

  1. Darnold is going 1 or 2. They are just doing their due diligence by working him out but there’s no way they actually think he’ll fall to pick 3.

  2. For the first time in a while, the Draft is going to be exciting. It has been predictable with minor exceptions. 5 QBs gone by 12 is my prediction. This means lots of BPA for many teams. The Mocks are going to get destroyed like the NCAA March Madness did. Looking forward to it and the AFC East getting stronger.

  3. Not hype genius, He IS the real deal. Do some homework instead of guessing and hoping it pans out

  4. Darnold could absolutely fall to the third spot. Don’t say no way. and don’t count on all QBs going early either. This isn’t your first draft is it? You know teams leak out phony info to better their positions.

  5. Does it matter who the Jets like or take? They have been drafting high for decades and ultimately become the ruin of many a good player. They are Basically a Poor man’s Browns.

  6. winningisabrees says:
    April 10, 2018 at 10:14 am
    We have all heard this before about USC QBs, the only one worth a darn is Palmer

    If you think USC QBs are bad (and they are), take a look at the list of QBs from all the Florida schools (Florida, FSU, Miami, Central Florida, etc) since about 1990. For all the Heismans and hype they all got in college, they ALL busted out or were just average.

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