Kevin Byard: Deion Sanders should have been man enough to admit his mistake

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Kevin Byard is not done raking Deion Sanders over the coals after a Twitter exchange between the two put Sanders’ ignorance on full display.

Byard, the Titans safety who was a first-team All-Pro and led the NFL in interceptions last season, initially tweeted at Sanders because Sanders hadn’t mentioned him when discussing the best safety in the NFL. Sanders replied, “You continue to be a fan and I will continue being the man.”

Byard is, in fact, not just a fan but an All-Pro player, and he pointed that out to Sanders on Twitter. Byard also took a shot at Sanders by wearing a “Just a fan” shirt in a Titans promotional video. And now, in an interview with NFL Media — Sanders’ employer — Byard has taken another shot at Sanders.

“It was funny, because [Deion Sanders] still never answered my question. He never really backtracked on what he said because I feel like he didn’t recognize who he was talking to and probably thought it was a fan. I feel like he could’ve been man enough to say, ‘I did make a mistake,’ but I can’t really expect that from Deion,” Byard said.

Sanders stuck his foot in his mouth when he took on Byard, and now Byard is taking delight in sticking his foot in Sanders’ butt.

69 responses to “Kevin Byard: Deion Sanders should have been man enough to admit his mistake

  1. This guy comes off a little too obsessed. We get it. Deion was wrong. But everytime I see him in the news he’s talking about it. Shut up and do it for 10 more years and then MAYBE you can get Deion to acknowledge you. Deion can say whatever he wants. He’s the 2nd greatest CB to ever live right behind Darrell Green.

  2. Deion? Made a mistake?!?!?

    Deion continues to be a snowflake, offended by the tiniest perceived sleights (like from Romo last season). Or, like in this case, he just resorts to name-calling and self-promotion as a response to any type of confrontation. What exactly is he bringing to the table at NFL Media?

  3. Good for Byard! He’s now one of my favorite players for putting arrogant Deion in his place!

  4. The only comment I can make about Deion Sanders is that I can’t make a comment about Deion Sanders because every time his face appears on the TV I change the channel.

  5. Dion has become a big snow flake. He sure as hell likes to dish it, but cant handle the criticism when it comes his way. Ive grown tired of his act. The nfl network would be wise to dump this cry baby.

  6. I can’t get mad at Kevin.. a lot of players are touted as the best of the best due to exposure from being talked about. I doubt many fans outside our region knows what a year he had. So by continuing to bring it up, making the shirt for the team promo etc, will all help get him some attention. Pundits will look back at the stats and film and next year Byard will be in the name of all of their mouths when discussing safeties.. Unfortunately this is how it works for a lot of guys..

    Josh Norman was pretty good and getting no attention in Carolina, so he started making people pay attention with other antics.. it ultimately got him paid. Now he is all over tv and commercials and is he still statistically a top corner?

    Players got to hold on to any attention they get and captitolize off it.. and you got to admit, regardless if Kevin keeps bringing it up, what Deion did was still messed up

  7. He should be thanking Deion, because now this has bade Byard known to the common fan. I follow football and also had no idea who this guy was, but apparently he’s a real good player, so sounds like this is working out for him.

  8. Deion is still in this guys head, lol. Kevin Bird thinks he is sticking it to Deion somehow? Deion doesn’t even care and he probably dissed the guy on purpose.

  9. All the SJW millenials out to defend one of their own. While most of us old timers understand this matters little in the real world. Social media is a blight on society and culture.

  10. logicalvoicesays says:
    April 10, 2018 at 5:18 pm
    This guy comes off a little too obsessed. We get it. Deion was wrong. But everytime I see him in the news he’s talking about it. Shut up and do it for 10 more years and then MAYBE you can get Deion to acknowledge you. Deion can say whatever he wants. He’s the 2nd greatest CB to ever live right behind Darrell Green.


    Except Deion is currently payed to be a football analyst that analyzes CURRENT football players and he overlooked the all-pro safety…

    It’s not the Deion wasn’t a great player, it’s just that he’s a bad analyst.

  11. This was my favorite story of the offseason. Proof that deion has no business being a football analyst. Loved watching him play the game, but I never want to hear from him again

  12. Dion wasn’t man enough to do the right thing by his kids and ex wife, Dion wasn’t man enough to do the right thing with his failed “charter school”……………….who thinks Dion is man enough to do the right thing unless it benefits Dion !?!?!?

  13. How can Deion not have responded to this yet? If he mans up right after it happened with a “my bad” this story is dead and gone by now. Instead, with every single day more people come to the realization that a guy getting paid a handsome salary to commentate on the NFL apparently hasn’t looked at a roster since he retired from the league.

  14. Byard looked great when this first happened, but it’s getting to be worse and worse for him as he continues to harp on it. Instead of questioning Sanders’ manhood, he should try having a little humility and grace.

  15. Just because a guy was a HOF player doesn’t mean he is a great broadcaster – in fact he is the best example of a network hiring a “name” that pretty much sucks as a broadcaster. As a person, Sanders is even worse. He set up a joke of a charter school for kids in Dallas that was nothing more than a glorified basketball and football camp. As for teaching kids about math, english, science, etc., it was a joke and closed after a few years of fooling parents.

  16. At least Green would hit somebody Sanders didn’t even try to tackle for fear of injury.

  17. Byard needs to let this go. At least stop talking about it publicly. You’re not the first of last person Deion has slighted. No matter what you think of Deion…he’s one of the top CBs of all time (8 times first team All Pro) and helped 2 teams win the Super Bowl. Use it as motivation and shut up.

  18. Hey kid. Deion Sanders is one of the top 3 or 4 athletes that have ever stepped foot on this planet. I don’t know who you are, but you’re not sounding very good. Let your football do your talking. You’re just barking up the wrong tree.

  19. jetsmmt says:
    April 10, 2018 at 5:39 pm
    Deion is the Goat.
    Hi, Mike Haynes is one line 1 for you.

  20. Why does everyone assume Deion even intended to know who he was talking to? This guy logs onto Twitter and he probably had about five dozen troll mentions on his feed.

    The most likely scenario here is Deion knows exactly who Byard is, but didn’t know that’s who he was talking to. I know I’m guilty of firing off responses on Twitter without actually paying attention to who I’m even talking to.

  21. Sanders won’t admit his mistake because he’s not a real man. He’s always been a phony hypocrite.

  22. FlashPatterson says:
    April 10, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    This guy needs to quit acting like he’s done something.

    Says the guy with the kick return moniker.

  23. Sanders was a great player, no doubt.

    Sucks as an analyst though. He was me first in the NFL, and is me first as an analyst.

    I would be surprised if Sanders admits his mistake.

  24. Byard is my new favorite player. I hope he makes a weekly statement on this topic and we eventually see a TMZ-style confrontation video. Deion thinks he’s the NFL version of Charles Barkley. He’s not even close.

  25. Why is Kevin getting worked up about what anyone outside his organization say about his game. He is showing his future opponents that you can get in his head.

  26. Face it brother, a lot of people don’t know who you are. You’re on a no-name team in a weak division playing against bottom tier QB’s, bragging about your stats. I don’t know you either, and if you want to really be recognized, zip the lip and put ya game on tape year after year. The rest will take care of itself, trust.

  27. I think Deion should be reminded of this every time he steps on the air, and it should be line 1 of the evaluation NFL Network does of his performance. The guy puts zero effort into his craft, and he NEVER adds anything of value to anything he does on the air. I would rather listen to Gruden than Deion….

  28. You’re an All-Pro, you lead the League in INTs.

    It is sad that it took this to really get you into public consciousness… but let it go. His silence should tell you all you need to hear.

  29. I am not a fan of Deion in his show on NFL Network and usually turn it off. Him getting on Instagram or whatever with them and having interactions like they’re buddies having a chat reeks of Dion’s insecurity and demand for continuing to be “the man”… he can’t just become a tv personality and former NFL great, he wants everything to still be about him. Can’t stand him.

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