Matt Ryan looking forward to a healthy Julio Jones

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Matt Ryan has had a pretty good connection with Julio Jones in recent years, even without full offseasons.

So the Falcons quarterback is understandably optimistic about the fact his star wideout is available for a change.

It’s huge when you get any player to be able to participate fully,” Ryan said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That’s critical. But you never know, the offseason and seasons are different every year. I think he came through the year, but I don’t want to speak for him, but he came through the year fairly healthy.

“We’ll see where he’s at. I haven’t been able to work with him up till this point. But I will start next Monday. I’m excited about getting back to work not only with him, but with all of our guys.”

Jones missed last year’s offseason program after surgery on his perpetually problematic foot, but continued to produce at a high level during the season.

Ryan was also encouraged by the fact Jones has worked out with Hall of Fame wideout Terrell Owens.

“T.O. is one of the best workers of all time,” Ryan said. “He learned from Jerry Rice and kind of modeled his stuff after that. I think the more you surround yourself with guys with a work ethic like that it’s a good thing. Julio has a great work ethic, too. He’s one of the best conditioned and best working athletes that I’ve ever been around.”

And when the Falcons open their offseason program next week, he’ll get a chance to see that himself for a change.

11 responses to “Matt Ryan looking forward to a healthy Julio Jones

  1. Until the first play of the first game and he twists an ankle. It seems like this guy is always injured.

  2. It’s funny that nobody talks about the Falcons much as a contender in the NFC. Obviously people are gonna talk about the Eagles, Vikings, Rams & Saints, but hell…the 49ers have been getting more attention than the Falcons! As an Eagles fan, I’m telling people now…don’t sleep on the Falcons next year! They were playing as well as anyone at the end of last season and came a heck of a lot closer to beating the Eagles (in Philly) than the Vikings!

  3. His size makes it impossible to stay healthy…and even if he stayed 100% healthy the whole year…their offensive coordinators haven’t the slightest clue how to get the ball in his hands…they somehow managed to hold Julio Jones to 3 TD catches over the course of 16 games… can you imagine Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham being held to 3 TDs in one season? There are back up TEs that caught more than 3 TDs…any defensive coordinators looking to stop Julio Jones need to consider taking advice from Atlanta’s offensive coordinator…

  4. Julio needs to stay healthy and work on his hands. He dropped some balls that were easy and made some catches that were difficult….so his consistency could be improved. Still a beast though. I think the Falcons coaching from the head coach on down is part of their problem….we’ll see if they get 10 wins this year. I doubt it.

  5. The “TERRIBLE” Andy Dalton has thrown 14 more touchdowns to A.J. Green in 29 less passes (than the “GREAT” Matt Ryan) in an colder, windier northern climate (OUTDOOR STADIUM) in a more aggressive defensive division.

  6. Sarkisian has ruined the Falcons offense. He was a bum at USC and he’s proven to be a bum running the Falcons offense. Quinn isn’t very bright to keep him on.

  7. I accidentally wrote “passes” when I meant A.J. Green has 29 less receptions with 14 more touchdowns.

    The “TERRIBLE” Andy Dalton did this in 2037 less attempts.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  8. The window is dirty and hard to crack open for air Atlanta. It doesn’t take much to get passed by, now 30 million a year on Ryan won’t help the team building either.

  9. Matt Ryan is also looking forward to choking in the second half of another Super Bowl…and any other big games the Falcons play.

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