OBJ disputes notion that he lacks “foundation”

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On Monday, former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis threw a haymaker or two in the direction of Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., claiming that Beckham “has removed God from his life,” and that Beckham’s “foundation” is disturbed.

Beckham disagrees.

The foundation was installed at birth,” Beckham said on Instagram, along with a video showing a large gathering of family members praying for him, apparently before he left for offseason workouts. “We will survive and prevail. . . . ALWAYS. God willing.”

Lewis seems to be miffed at Beckham because Beckham has stopped seeking and/or accepting life advice from Lewis, effectively freezing him out. Regardless of his motivation, the attack from Lewis on Beckham presumes that Beckham’s life currently is in disarray, and/or that Beckham has a litany of problems that only God and/or Lewis can solve. It’s an unfair characterization of Beckham’s current circumstances; he has never gotten in any trouble away from football, and he simply wants to be paid for the value he brings to the Giants and, indirectly, to the NFL.

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  1. It is cringy when people publicly discuss the holiness or morality of someone else. Its none of Ray Lewis’ business and I would think he was implicated in much more serious legal matters when he was OBJ’s age? Odell Beckham is a primadonna in my opinion and it has nothing to do with how religious he is or not

  2. Lewis certainly has nerve calling out Beckham, who as far as I know, has never been closely linked to a murder. Shut up Ray!

  3. This is business not religion. What he lacks is a good agent and good people around him. It’s all about the man in the mirror. Correct the correctables and handle your business.

  4. The unredacted NSA record of Ray and Odell’s conversation:

    OBJ: Hello?

    RL: It’s Ray. We need to revisit the foundation issue. It’s my understanding the concrete of the earth is God and the asphalt softens for easily traveling through life when we kneel in prayer.

    OBJ: My family is my foundation and they pray for me.

    RL: God in all His glory likes families, but He’s also fine with strong males having many children by multiple women outside the sanctity of marriage. That is the foundation of dynasty, but all the Glory goes to God.

    OBJ: I wore my white suit to church Sunday.

    RL: What, what, we have a bad connection. I’m hanging up.

  5. Foundation? No, he refuses to act mature. But this is a constant theme in that “some” athletes, not all, behave as if playing a sport entitles them to disregard social norms and the law.

    I will never expect The NFL or any other league to mandate that the players behave as if their work environmet is the same as the average joes. But does having athletic talent and a lot money make it that hard to act like an adult?

  6. Lewis only “found God” after he flipped his way out of a double murder charge. I hate to hear his preaching, especially to a guy who hasn’t broken any laws. Beckham just needs to grow up some.

  7. I read Ray’s comments. I was raised in a family of faith. I THINK I understand what Ray was, “trying” to say. The delivery of the message was atrocious (being kind) at best. In addition to that, the subject itself can alienate a percentage of those that hear it. That puts OBJ in a tough spot. Ray’s heart & motives (for each individual to decide for themselves) may be in the right place but, for OBJ, it’s now like publicly embracing your physics professor, who’s less capable of a making a coherent statement than Goofy or Donald Duck.

  8. When I hear that a current NFL player is not paying attention to Ray Lewis, my first reaction is:

    “That player has made at least one smart move. He removed Ray Lewis from his contact list.”

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