Richie Incognito: I’m done, the stress is killing me

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Word came from Peter King of on Tuesday morning that Bills guard Richie Incognito is considering retiring before the start of the 2018 season and Incognito shared some of his thoughts with another reporter later in the day.

Incognito spoke to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News and his comments suggest that he’s leaning pretty far in the direction of retiring. Incognito cited health concerns as the reason.

“I’m done. That’s it. It’s been a long career,” Incognito said. “Went to the doctor. My liver and kidneys are shutting down. The stress is killing me. It’s just about doing what’s right. I just want to be in the Hall of Fame.”

Incognito also sent a tweet to the NFLPA saying he’s done. King’s initial tweet said that Incognito could return at the “right price” after agreeing to a pay cut earlier this year. King followed up with another saying that Incognito is talking to the Bills about revisiting his deal and has until Sunday to change his mind about calling it a career.

If Incognito does retire, he’ll join center Eric Wood as 2017 Bills starters to walk away from the game this offseason. They also traded left tackle Cordy Glenn to the Bengals, although Dion Dawkins got 11 starts as a rookie while Glenn was injured.

92 responses to “Richie Incognito: I’m done, the stress is killing me

  1. “It’s just about doing what’s right. I just want to be in the Hall of Fame.”

    Uh, he wants to be in the Hall of Fame? Good luck with that.

  2. Liver and kidney issues? Hmm. Sounds like some side effects of steroids. Google it before you flame.

  3. Maybe what he meant is he just wanted to go to the HOF, but his wording was poor? Like as a visitor, and buy a ticket.

  4. Those of you joking about his HOF comment never watched him play. He flat out dominated every defensive lineman he ever played against. Not sure why the HOF laughs. Go turn in the tape and look again. He blew up every d player including Suh.

  5. How does a slightly better than average OG get as much press as this guy has over the years? Must be the name.

  6. No reason to be mean, the guy has given his all to the game because he wanted to make it ti the hof. The guy had a great career considering it being derailed for a season by a snowflake and then came back and made multiple pro bowls. You got to give it up for him. He might not be hof caliber but you can’t deny you wouldn’t want him in your team. That o-line is going to look much different this season.

  7. HOF?


    Maybe he could have made it, but the dude lost a few years when Jonathon Martin went nuts and everybody blamed Incognito. Can’t really blame him for that I guess but still , production and playing time are only enough for that hall of pretty good.

  8. I’m not buying it. He may be thinking about retirement but it seems it is a ploy to fix his contract. If he doesn’t get it done he may walk but if they fix his contract he will play. Also, kidneys and liver issues son’t seem like football problems. Sounds like diet and alcohol to me but some linemen eat to maintain playing weight and slim down shortly after hanging it up.

  9. So the master plan Bills fans keep telling everyone about was to replace Eric Wood and Richie by trading Cordy Glenn and signing Bodine and Newhouse then trading up for a rookie QB and having him play with that line while throwing to Andre Holmes/Rod Streater? LOL

  10. Is it me, or does everyone feel the same sense of irony … Martin first then Incognito … stressed out of football.

  11. The funniest part about Richie Incognito and his HOF campaign is not very many people would have even heard of him if not for the story with Martin. Those who had heard of him at that point knew him as a rage addict who got kicked off two college teams then came to the NFL and constantly racked up personal foul penalties. Sure, he had a nice swan song with the Bills, probably knowing he was out of chances helped, but nothing even approaching HOF.

  12. arzcardinals says:
    April 10, 2018 at 11:03 am
    Those of you joking about his HOF comment never watched him play. He flat out dominated every defensive lineman he ever played against. Not sure why the HOF laughs. Go turn in the tape and look again. He blew up every d player including Suh.

    14 26 Rate This


    Umm, no he didn’t. I can numerous Guards who are not in the HOF who clearly had superior careers. This guy was a primadonna cancer, where teams could not wait to unload him.

    The mere fact the words “hall” and “fame” are mentioned in the same breath, is hysterical to everyone who knows the sport.

    There are NUMEROUS Guards that would be coasting to the HOF if Incognito actually got it, which he never will.

    Please learn the game and its history.

  13. His liver and kidney problems have zero to do with the NFL. They have everything to do with strip club OL line meetings, mollies and god knows what else.
    I heard during a brain scan they had a hard time finding one.

  14. I’m glad I had a cold drink this morning. I would have hated to spill hot coffee after I laughed so hard at Ingognito’s HOF claim. That alone should make the NFL have him step into the bathroom for a urine analysis. Only way he gets to the HOF is driving there

  15. You’re all missing it. He never said WHICH Hall of Fame. The Scumbag Hall of Fame he’s a first ballot caliber guy. That being said, it sucks if his organs are shutting down. I hope he gets better, both physically and as a person.

  16. I hate to tell him but Kidney and Liver disease isn’t caused by Playing Football or stress. It’s caused by what you put in your body to prepare for your “Hall Of Fame” Career. This guys is right up there with Burfict and Pac Man as unlikable and delusional.

  17. PEDs are more likely to have an impact on “shutting down” the liver and kidneys than the stress of playing on Sunday.

    Good career, but probably not a good guy.

  18. Joking aside Richie Incognito is an excellent player. 2016 season running backs going behind Richie averaged 7.2 ypc. This was the highest ever recorded since that metric has been kept.
    He has always been effective, been to a couple of Probowls, perhaps if the ypc stat was tracked earlier in his career he would be a Hall of Famer. Because his Coach asked him to ” toughen up”
    Jonathan Martin, he will always have the
    ” bullying ” attached to his name.

  19. Who knows what he meant by the HOF comment? In the end, it is a loss for the Bills. They don’t have the depth to simply replace him.

  20. Had he not had all the extra drama around him he very well could have been a HOFer. No needs a guards disrupting your locker room though. HOF talent, 10cent head. I have a feeling this story won’t end in a happy way as I don’t see the quite life suiting him in retirement.

  21. From looking at the photo I’d say his diet is probably doing more damage than football is. Drop a couple of burgers off the plate and see how you feel.

  22. This is real life. People don’t really know how much stress destroys the body unless you have a medical condition that physically shows it. No matter what you do stress is affecting your health even when you don’t realize it. But the guy is sick…people need to have some compassion. He got a raw deal too…blame so publicly for something he didn’t do. Imagine how you’d feel if a coworker was spreading lies about you. It’s not easy to deal with. Now imagine the whole country heard it on the news too. That’s not all he’s dealing with in life. Add illness and other stressors. It’s actually sad.

  23. lil’ richie fans are a sad sort of individual.

    What kind of person attacks mentally ill people?!?

  24. “My liver and kidneys are shutting down.”

    Sounds like a kid trying to get out of gym class.

  25. I always thought this guy was a prime-time knuckle head but he is actually doing the smart thing by retiring as his body has taken a beating over the years.

    The Hall of Fame thing might be a bit of a stretch.

  26. doctorrustbelt says:

    April 10, 2018 at 11:48 am

    lil’ richie fans are a sad sort of individual.

    What kind of person attacks mentally ill people?!?
    Jonathan Martin, get off the internet!

  27. He’ll be in the Hall of Fame. I believe it’s $15 per ticket, now that he’s retiring he can go and be in it as often as he wants.

    But that’s the ONLY way he’s getting in.

  28. rxv5854 says:
    April 10, 2018 at 11:36 am
    Not any more ludicrous than Jerome Bettis in the HOF


    Or Dungy or Terrell Davis.

    Just sad, really.

  29. I’d vote incognito into the hall. Say what you want about his off the field issues, but I saw a man grow from his experiences and rise back to the top. Can’t knock him for that.

  30. So, the stress of NFL life is destroying his body so badly that he might retire, however if the Bills pay him a little bit more, the stress will disappear? I see what you’re doing Richie…

  31. “My liver and kidneys are shutting down.”

    It’s purely coincidence that steroid use can destroy your kidneys and liver.

  32. So, getting a new contract is going to kick start and juice his Kidneys and Liver into working again.. Lol

  33. Funny how a lot of you reference the ‘bullying’ …but as it’s come out Martin was the one who posted a gun in a photo stating he was going to shoot up people and a school. Martin was weak and it was proven over and over and over again. Richie is owed an apology by the NFL and fans need to wake up to the fact Richie was shown as the center piece for Bullying….when he didn’t bully him.
    As a fan of the Cards we could have used him on our O line.

  34. I hope this guy gets the mental and physical help that he apparently needs. These guys don’t need to play 15 years. Get in. Make your money. Get out. Enjoy retirement. You play too long and retirement is not enjoyable.

  35. biggs13 says:
    April 10, 2018 at 11:13 am

    The Dolphins got hosed from the Incognito saga. He was awesome to have on the O-line.

    The dollyfins have spent decades hosing themselves and their dozens of loyal fans in a myriad of ways and you’re still bitter about the one time they got hosed from the outside?

  36. more like the guilt of what he’s done deliberately and without an ounce of remorse to other human beings what has him stressed out;

    i’ll have sympathy for him the day Sterling Sharpe does;

  37. He was a very good player for many years, but not a HOF’er. He got hosed in the Miami/Jonathan Martin bully bs. That was obvious when it was going on and its REALLY obvious now.

  38. Liver and kidneys, sounds like too many pain pills (opioids). You can thank the NFL for that! Maybe they can look into cannabis now for a more natural remedy..

  39. Was an incredible career. Never gave less than 110%. You ball watchers have no idea what a hall of fame guard looks like. He belongs in Canton.

  40. Good idea for Incognito to walk away from both the game media and fanboys who are causing him so much stress in his life. I am sure both won’t have problems finding a new source to vent their ire on in the near future.

  41. 49erfan44 says:
    April 10, 2018 at 11:33 am
    People hate Richie because Jonathan Martin was a sensitive baby. Richie isn’t HOF worthy but don’t blame him for JM being a pansie.

    Incognito molested a woman, using a golf club, at a team charity event. Allegedly. Again: at a team event.

    You can call Jonathan Martin whatever you like, this guy is straight trash.

  42. Emmanuel Goldstein says:
    Liver and Kidneys going out is not a result of stress. Could have something to do with excessive alcohol and drug use.
    These guys use a drug called Torodol. Very common in the NFL as an anti inflamatory but not a steroid. Kidney failure is a common side effect as are most anti inflamatory drugs. Advil is hard on kidneys too if over used.

  43. What a waste of talent. Above average players like this have to waste their career in places like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Oakland with no chance of winning.

  44. arzcardinals says:
    April 10, 2018 at 11:03 am
    Those of you joking about his HOF comment never watched him play. He flat out dominated every defensive lineman he ever played against. Not sure why the HOF laughs. Go turn in the tape and look again. He blew up every d player including Suh.

    dude go watch the Eagles game against the Bills in 2016. Fletcher Cox absolutely ate Incognito alive. All game.

  45. “Went to the doctor. My liver and kidneys are shutting down.” Enough PED’s will do that to you….

  46. Bill Fralic, the highest Guard ever took in the NFL draft at #2 was truly dominant during his career with the Falcons and the Lions. He is not in the HoF. You know who is? Gene Hickerson and John Hannah. Why? because one was the first true puller, and the second guy mauled everything in his path. Guard is one of the hardest positions to get into the HoF. even if he had a cheery and impeccable character he would be sitting behind Fralic and Faneca to get in there. those are some tall buildings to leap.

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