Steve Wilks likes flying under the radar in the NFC West


The NFC West has been a busy division for storylines this offseason.

We’ve seen the Seahawks part ways with some big names from the roster while overhauling their coaching staff while the 49ers picked up Richard Sherman after the Seahawks dumped him and extended Jimmy Garoppolo‘s contract after his impressive end to the 2017 season. The Rams have drawn even more headlines by signing Ndamukong Suh and trading for Brandin Cooks, Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters as they try to build a team capable of repeating as division champs.

The Cardinals changed coaches and signed a new starting quarterback in Sam Bradford, but they haven’t generated nearly as much buzz over the last couple of months. That suits head coach Steve Wilks just fine.

“The most important thing — you guys will hear me talk about this throughout the year — I’m going to keep the focus on us,” Wilks said, via “When you really pull the layers back, we have a lot of great talent as well. Right now, we’re flying below the radar, and that’s great. I like where we are, and we’re going to continue to stay there until the time is right.”

NFL history is littered with teams that “won” the offseason only to see things go the other way once actual football is played, so there’s no reason for anyone to worry about how much attention they’re getting in April.

6 responses to “Steve Wilks likes flying under the radar in the NFC West

  1. I think 3 NFC West fanbases and 28 other fanbases would all agree on a couple things: It’s been glorious watching the Seahawks implode, their bandwagon fans jump ship, and watching Seattle go back down to the cellar where they belong.

  2. You’re not “flying under the radar”. Everyone is talking about the disastrous offseason you had.

  3. Seahawks keep producing great players, Clara keeps on losing them to jail and retirement. Clara will go 2-4 to start season and all 7 of their fans will just moan and groan because it’s all they really know. Jimmy gave them a 5 game meant nothing Championship winning streak after their season was over and hopefully he can do something similar once they are in the basement in 2018.

  4. Wilks is changing the entire defensive scheme…the one thing that worked last year. The Honey Badger doesn’t leave for Texas unless we let him. We let him. Fitzgerald was one face of the franchise, Tyrann the other. And they let him walk.

    The Rams, who went 11-5 last year, have acted like they finished in last place, now having an All-Pro defensive backfield. And the Niners aren’t standing still.

    I’m a Cards fan but have to feel Arians’ success came partly because the Rams and Niners were cellar-dwellers then. Not any more.

    Meanwhile, in addition to signing the fragile Sam Bradord (the memory of having made the equally fragile, Kevin Kolb, a multi-millionaire who barely played before retiring to his hunting lodge still haunting the land)…after Carson do you really want to keep rolling the dice ?

    We also signed Alek Torgersen and Brandon Doughty ! I tell ya, I thought the celebration might never end. Can’t wait, as in can’t wait to get used to being in last place in the West.

  5. jackedupboonie –

    Seahawks haven’t figured out how to keep Russell from running around for his life.
    Fortunately for them, Russell does a pretty good Fran Tarkenton impression, while keeping plays, and himself, alive.

    Once the Defense aged and needed to get paid, the flaws were exposed.
    Cap Mgt is the Grim Reaper of Reality in the NFL. Can’t pay everyone. Can’t skimp on paying the QB either.

    O-Line might be a great place to start? Not O-Line made mostly of D-Line converts.

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