Are the Browns leaning toward Josh Allen?

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The Browns are expected to take a quarterback with the first overall pick in the draft. It’s still not clear which one they’ll take.

Conventional wisdom had centered on USC quarterback Sam Darnold. In recent weeks, however, Wyoming’s Josh Allen has emerged as a potential alternative.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer collects and summarizes the various reports linking the Browns to Allen. The common thread? G.M. John Dorsey’s affinity for rocket-armed throwers. Last year, for example, the Chiefs (under Dorsey) moved from No. 27 to No. 10 to get Patrick Mahomes. And Dorsey spent years in Green Bay with Brett Favre as the resident gunslinger.

With the Giants reportedly interested in Darnold or no quarterback at No. 2, the Browns could try to cajole the Giants to move to No. 1, which then would allow the Browns to get Allen at No. 2. Falling any farther than No. 2 would make it more difficult for the Browns to get Allen.

If the Browns take Allen at No. 1 and the Giants take Darnold at No. 2, the Jets would then likely take Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen at No. 3, giving the Browns at No. 4 the de facto No. 1 overall non-quarterback.

With more than two weeks to go until the draft begins, look for plenty of other rumors and reports and stuff that otherwise will give people something to talk about. Then, once the picks start to be made, we can collectively forget about all the hypothetical chatter from before the draft and focus on the actual assignments of players to teams, pick by pick through all seven rounds.

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  1. As a Giant’s fan, I certainly hope so.

    Get to trade that pick for whomever wants Darnold. Rebuild or go for it. Either way works.

    All these experts think they can fix accuracy, Who fixed Greg Maddux? The answer is Greg Maddux. Sometimes perfection just happens, most of the time it does not.

  2. Why is the first comparison for this kid not Kyle Boller? Absolute cannon, not all that accurate, and prone to turnovers. That’s Boller to a T.

  3. Okay, so now I read the article. LOL.

    NO WAY the Giants trade up. This isn’t the Bear’s GM panicking or even the Jet’s GM panicking in round 2. This is Gettleman. Tough cop, no nonsense mentality and in no way shape or form does will he allow himself to be made the fool. And only a fool would not be able to see what the Brown’s would be attempting.

    Hurts the brain to even think he or anyone else would be that stupid.

  4. The Browns take Allen and the fans they still have after 1-31 will revolt. They’re the franchise in the NFL that can least afford to roll the dice on this kid.

  5. He was terrible against big time competition and wasn’t even great against his regular competition.

    He’s big and has a 100 MPH fastball, so what?

    Taking Allen would be the most Browns thing ever and likely to be a massive bust

  6. Only the Browns can screw this up. Any one of us can do this for them. Take the QB you want at the next 2 teams take QBs and go get Barkley at #4..With Jarvis Landry and a very good second year TE..Your offence is now very respectibl e

  7. If I were the Giants and the Browns asked me if I wanted to move up to 1 Id offer them a 2023 7th round pick. If Gettleman offerd anything more than that to move from 2 to 1 then he should be fired before the round 2 pick is made.

  8. This might sound crazy, but if im the browns i take saquon number one. I would not take allen #1 or #4, I dont grade him as a first rounder. Your job as QB is to elevate those around you. He didnt do that great of a job and his accuracy was atrocious. I see him as paxton lynch 2.0. I’d just take two supreme talents, minkah at #4. Besides the pats having brady, alot of teams that went far in this years playoffs didnt have superman as their QB. Vikes had keenum, jags bortles, eagles foles for example. Look at it like this. Would you rather have a case keenum with a really good team or a drew brees/high chance bust who brees, for awhile had a pretty bad team around him until the home run draft.

  9. If Cleveland really wants to go the gutsy route might as well draft Lamar Jackson with the first pick… remember last year the so called experts like Mel Kiper had D. Watson with a 2nd/3rd round grade and that worked out well

  10. I’d be concerned about his college completion percentage. He may be a “boom or bust,” but with the #1 pick I don’t think you take that type of risk. You take a “boom or boom” type player.

    If you’re farther down the draft board and you want to play with house money on a pick that may not pan out, go for it. Just not with the #1.

    Browns can’t afford a bust.

  11. Somehow the Browns (and probably the Jets) will figure out a way to screw up these picks. Typically half the QB’s taken in the first round turn out to be busts, so someone is going to get a lemon.

  12. I think they are leaning to Allen. According to an in depth study Dorsey the Browns’ GM has one of the best tracks records for selecting over performing draft picks. The reason he was fired as the Kansas City GM a couple of years ago was not because he could not draft great players, but because he had problems managing the cap. He is not a numbers guy, but he is amazing at evaluating talent. In recent years he has selected more pro bowlers and quality starters than any other GM (including BB). This year he also hired Wolf from Green Bay (who was passed over for the Green Bay GM spot)and the guy who was the former GM of the Redskins ( who is also a great drafter) to help him during this draft.

    Mark my words. The Browns are going to nail this draft and be a force to reckon with in the future(full disclosure I am a long time Patriots fan who grew up in New England).

    That being said. Dorsey loves big, tall, strong guys with rocket arms and a high IQ. That describes Allen to a T. Allen scored the highest on the Wonderlic IQ test of all the top QBs (by a big margin). Also Allen is a physical freak and a good kid who can sit and learn and refine his game for a year. Just like Mahomes (who Dorsey drafted) did at Kansas City backing up Alex Smith. That is exactly why Dorsey went out and got the Bills starter from last year. So that Allen, or whoever they drafted, could sit for a year. I think they go with Allen. Yeah I know he was not that accurate in college, but he had lousy receivers , a terrible offensive line, and an offense that did not throw easy screen passes. Dorsey is aware of these facts and will discount the accuracy issues raised against Allen.

  13. Dorsey has made a point of no leaks coming out. so any stories about the so call sources is ^&%$^&.. the Browns seem to want the whole world to guess. it all seems so silly when u step back and look at it.

  14. There is zero value in swapping picks with the Giants. The haul would hardly be very good, especially given the very real probability that at #1 and #2 the two teams are looking at very different guys. Plus when you’re 1-31 over the last two campaigns it’s time to stop getting cute and just pick your man. No more trading down for more picks.

    While I am not an Allen fan, I am a Taylor fan as an underrated QB who will surprise, especially loaded with some weapons on offense. So whomever they get sits, learns and hopefully becomes a great QB of the future.

  15. Darnold played better competition in college and I think that matters. Rocket arms, throwing a ball from your knees through the goal posts, and great workouts lead to poor decisions. I think Allen can be a competent QB, but Darnold is the better choice.

  16. I can see the Browns taking Chubb 1st and the top remaining QB at 4. That will ruin the Giants taking him and thats always great. They also need to start getting Eli’s replacement grooming.

  17. Browns fans have to trust John Dorsey and his scout team on this.

    Got to have faith that the man will do his job the right way, no matter who he chooses to sit and learn the offense.

  18. I think the Browns should take Mayfield. They just signed Tyrod, who is roughly the same height. Mayfield is a winner. IF they don’t sign him, they should not take a QB in the first round. Take Chubb, Barkley, Fitzpatrick or Ward in some order and then draft Mike White later. If Dorsey really covets rocket-armed, inaccurate QBs, Ryan Mallet is currently a FA.

  19. I don’t think there will be many duds in this draft class to be honest.

    The biggest issue with the top QB’s taken in the draft is they usually go to bad teams that need them to start right away whether they’re ready or not (why the NFL needs a developmental league badly). Cleveland and the Jets seem to be serious about letting a guy learn the game first and not using him till he’s ready to be used with the Browns saying their guy won’t even dress during the 2018 season. The Giants QB if they take one probably wouldn’t start day one nor would the Patriots so the only iffy one would be if Buffalo takes one since the QB they have on their roster now they had to be talked into and might be a downgrade from their starter from a year ago.

  20. I am starting to think Allen is this years Jimmy Clausen. Day 2 project QB being hyped to #1 overall draft pick by the draftniks just like they all did with the Notre Dame pickle.

  21. I don’t care about all these experts and what they say. I firmly believe Allen is the best QB in this year’s draft.

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