Bears will make Cameron Meredith decision Wednesday

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Wide receiver Cameron Meredith will be signing with either the Bears or Saints on Wednesday.

The Saints signed the restricted free agent to an offer sheet last Friday, leaving the Bears with five days to match the offer or let Meredith depart for New Orleans without getting any compensation in return. The deal is worth a reported $9.6 million with $5.4 million in guaranteed money.

That’s a good raise from the $1.9 million that Meredith stood to make after receiving the lowest RFA tender from the Bears. That’s why there’s no compensation due back for Chicago, something they could have changed by giving Meredith a second-round tender. That would have set him up to make just over 2.9 million in 2018 and the failure to do so will look like a misstep if they do wind up matching the offer sheet by Wednesday afternoon’s deadline.

Meredith had 66 catches for 888 yards in 2016, but missed all of last season with a torn ACL. That injury may have been the reason why the Bears resisted the higher tender number and we’ll see if it also leads them to part ways with Meredith altogether.

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  1. Looks like Pace might have blown this one. Meredith was a good receiver that needed to recover. The Saints obviously feel he has. Pace should have upped the RFA offer to either keep him or get the 2nd comp pick. Oh well, it’s not his money.

  2. Just don’t know what is going on with this one? Good WR if healthy and Bears have plenty of cap space but maybe they just want a rookie to develop?

  3. It all depends on the medical, but then again, one could argue that the same reasoning didn’t apply when signing Allen Robinson.

  4. Almost as stupid as the Alshon move. I’m beginning to think Pace is more concerned about his hair style than the talent on the team.

  5. I think Pace is playing things well in this offseason. De Smith is trying to get players to leave Chicago(or not go in the first place) because of the labor law support the McCaskeys were giving to the state. Chicago has been down and out for several years on the talent front, and in the standings.

    Pace has been making offers to players like Meredith, Callahan, Bellamy, and Fuller, and all of these guys thought they could do better. Pace gave them that opportunity, and maintained the right of first refusal for all of them. He got Fuller back, Bellamy came back with no offers, and now Meredith got his offer. The player got to get their true market value, and the Bears have a chance to keep them at that value. Good for the player, not that bad for the team. But it accomplishes something positive in relation to how players will see the Bears moving forward. They are being extremely fair in negotiations, and they are paying well in free agency.
    Maybe Meredith got more than the Bears were expecting, so they underestimated that, but they are working their plan to the best that they can, and can match without causing too many issues. Still have enough for the draft pool, and to sign Goldman to an extension before the season starts.

  6. Has anybody considered the possibility that Pace wanted to lock up cam for more than one year but couldn’t get a deal done with agent. This is the same theory as with Fuller, no? Sure they spend a few million more this year, but they have the cap space so who cares. This gives them two years to develop and see what they have.

  7. Bears allowed Meredith to set his own value with that 1.9 tender. If they match Saints offer, the Bears look incompetent for not placing 2nd round tender. If they don’t match, they are letting talent out of the building.

    Here’s the irony! The Saints don’t have a second round pick.

  8. To every bears fan, you guys will feel this one, to every saints fan that offense just got at the very least a good possession receiver to pair along with m. Thomas and the rest of that deadly offense if he’s healthy. You understand ACLs though, players aren’t truly back until the second season after the surgery.

  9. Pace is blowing it. If he would have just made a decent offer to Fuller and Meredith from the get go they could have been re-signed for a fair price. Looks like they will have to overpay for both now.


    HAHAHA blowing it?? Fullers deal is esentially 1 year guaranteed at 18M. Not bad for someone who ranked as one of the better corners in the league, after 2020 his dead cap space is about $4M. As for Cam, IF his knee is healed, which the discussions here in chicago is how there are concerns about it, then they match and hes a great deal at that price. To say Pace is blowing it is ridiculous

  10. Pace sending a gift basket to the Saints. His history with the program. Hopefully they return the favor.. had the money to keep Meredith. Hopefully we grab a gem late in the draft at WR but confident in our playmakers. OL is more of a concern for me now

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