Bears won’t match Saints offer sheet to Cameron Meredith

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The Saints have a new wide receiver.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Bears have chosen to not match the restricted free agent offer sheet Cameron Meredith signed with the Saints.

That means Meredith will get a two-year, $10 million deal to join the Saints, and try to rebound after a season lost to injury.

Meredith wasn’t able to build on a productive 2016 because of a torn ACL in the preseason.

Now he gets to join one of the most accurate passers in the league, and a high-powered offense. It could also signal the departure of Saints RFA wideout Willie Snead, who visited the Ravens but hasn’t gotten an offer sheet yet.

The Bears don’t get any compensation since Meredith was tendered at the lowest level. And because of the uncertainty about his knee, they didn’t want to guarantee a higher tender in order to secure his services or a draft pick.

24 responses to “Bears won’t match Saints offer sheet to Cameron Meredith

  1. There is a huge contingent of Bears fans that think Ryan Pace is a freaking idiot. This confirms it.

    The guy has done nothing in his 3 years here and his drafts are fails. He trade up from 3 to 2 for Trubisky when no on else was going to move in front of them. He gives John Fox 3 years and we don’t move forward.

  2. Not as surprised as I thought I would be. Had Bears matched — something like 30% of their cap would have gone to receivers. So it makes financial sense.

    As Adam Shefter reported though, this is more off of that knee not being fully there yet. Meredith has a nice story though so I do wish him the best.

    Bears still got Kevin White so he’s gotta step up and they will most likely also draft another receiver.

  3. Gotta love the armchair GMs who are ready to proclaim this a terrible move based on the fact that they themselves have already indicted the front office of a team in a rebuilding mode. And while specific individual decisions have been debatable, I would say the majority of Bears fans have applauded Pace for what he is doing to improve this team.

    Nobody was going to trade up to get Trubisky? Hmm…what if they had? You would be blaming Pace again for not being aggressive enough.

  4. As a Bears fan, this really puzzles me. The only issue must be that the front office was iffy on the status of Meredith’s knee. Wish him the best, he was someone I enjoyed rooting for.

  5. With my last name, I HAVE to pull for him.
    I wish him the best and hope and and D-Bres get in SYBC, and he lights it up.

  6. Finally, the Saints return back to the top where they belong. Their games are the most exciting in the NFL to watch. It’s time for Brees to get another Super Bowl win. Can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  7. Not putting a second round tender on Meredith was a stupid move by Pace and I don’t need to be an armchair GM to know that. for another $1 million he would be in the building or Bears would get a 2nd round pick. Just last year C-Meredith was the Bears #1 going into the season and now he’s gone for nothing in return. If you want to blame knee I also call BS because his knee injury happened before Allen Robinson’s and 2 other teams cleared him enough to offer respectable contracts. I really think Meredith has some good seasons ahead and the Bears will be kicking themselves.

    Pace also thought $6 million a year was a good price for Markus Wheaton….

  8. I said this would happen immediately after the Saints offer was revealed. Why the Bears decision should surprise anyone is beyond me.

  9. I don’t buy this being about the ACL, or cap space. They signed Robinson, who’s also coming off an ACL injury and still have over 25 million cap space for top 51 and minus draft pool. This was just Pace’s mistake by placing the 2nd round tender on Meredith. Matching the Saints offer would have admitted as much. The Bears have had an ongoing issue developing their homegrown players, yet here’s a kid that makes the team after being invited to the local pro day, works hard, becomes a great locker room presence and turns into a viable starting NFL WR, and yet is allowed to leave over money they should have offered him in the first place. The WR group, even with the FA signings is a major question mark. You can’t count on White to stay healthy. Bellamy ?? Special teams only. Now you HAVE to invest a higher pick in the draft on a WR. My confidence in GM Pace just took ANOTHER hit !!!

  10. I really like Cameron Meredith, I was counting on him to be our solid #2. The knee injury was absolutely horrifying when I saw it live. I think Pace made the right move considering newly acquired Allen Robinson coming off a knee injury (much less severe) and still having Mr. Glass (Kevin White) on the roster. We don’t (K)-need three WRs coming off knee and other injuries. The Bears have been plagued with an exorbitant amount of injuries the past six years.

    Good Luck in New Orleans Cam!

  11. LOL reading some of these comments especially about the cap and how much to recievers.

    1. Could have extended Fuller Did Not
    2. Could Have Offered Transition Tag, Did Not
    3. Packers make huge offer and he has to match
    4. I’m pretty sure Burton Could be had for about half of what we signed him for.
    5. Cam Meredith could have been offered the 2nd round tender (we get him for a little over 2M) we offer nothing and lose him anyway.
    6. That last draft, nobody was in on Trubisky with the 2nd pick

    Hes just not been real smart and has made alot of bonehead calls.
    Just look at who he signed in Free Agency I mean come on…

  12. If the Saints were so sure about Cam they would have offered more than a 2 year contract and if Cam himself was so sure about his knee he would have bet on himself and went into UFA next season.

    The fact that the Bears who had plenty of cap space chose not to match speaks volumes about what they think of Cam’s health.

  13. An ACL/MCL typically takes 2 years for a complete recovery….$5M is a little much for a recovery year.

  14. I really like Meredith’s talent but I have to agree that his knee injury was brutal when I saw it live. This move was about health and he doesn’t fit the Bears new system ( Albert Wilson role ). They have plenty of cap money if they wanted to match.

    I wish the guy all the best. He is from Chicago and finally made it big as a UDFA and then he gets hurt.

  15. dino2997 says:
    April 11, 2018 at 10:29 pm
    If the Saints were so sure about Cam they would have offered more than a 2 year contract and if Cam himself was so sure about his knee he would have bet on himself and went into UFA next season.

    The fact that the Bears who had plenty of cap space chose not to match speaks volumes about what they think of Cam’s health.
    The fact is that the Saints are sure about Cam, but aren’t in a position to offer him more than a two year deal at this point. He could’ve gotten a longer deal elsewhere, but he’s not going to find a better fit. This team plans on winning and winning now and there is no better QB than Drew Brees to place the ball right where you want it.

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