Browns quarterback clean sweep is not unprecedented

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The Browns taking a broom to their entire quarterback depth chart was certainly dramatic, and probably necessary.

It was not unprecedented.

Via Scott Patsko of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, this will be the fourth time in Browns history they’ve cleared out an entire year’s worth of quarterbacks and started with a new group the following season.

The Browns traded all three of last year’s quarterbacks, sending DeShone Kizer to the Packers, Cody Kessler to the Jaguars and Kevin Hogan to Washington. They’ve already acquired Tyrod Taylor and Drew Stanton, and will add another in two weeks when they draft one first overall.

Sometimes the wholesale changes work out. After the 1961 season, they traded Pro Bowler Milt Plum and released backup Len Dawson (a future Hall of Famer with the Chiefs). They traded for Frank Ryan and brought in Jim Ninowski as his backup, and two years later, won an NFL title with those two.

But as with most things Cleveland and quarterbacks, success tends to be short lived.

The last clean sweep was after the 2009 season, when they let Derek Anderson leave in free agency and traded Brady Quinn, and replaced them with Colt McCoy, Jake Delhomme, and Seneca Wallace.

After the 2004 season, they released Jeff Garcia, traded Luke McCown and let Kelly Holcomb leave in free agency, and replaced them with Trent Dilfer and Charlie Frye.

And while a good Milt Plum reference wasn’t anything we were expecting today, the Browns can only hope it works out the way it did in the 1960s, instead of the way it generally has.

21 responses to “Browns quarterback clean sweep is not unprecedented

  1. The Browns upcoming season now relies on a draft that produces several starters and quality depth. The work accomplished since the end of last season is a very good start.

  2. they should have at least kept Kiser or Kessler. They are over reacting. Once again, they don’t have a single QB in the room who knows Hues system OR the players they are throwing to. Chemistry matters. Stanton hasn’t done anything-after all those years in the Cardinals system, they let him go. I hope they keep their offensive linemen together at least.

  3. I expect the Browns to win at least 6 games this year.
    The new GM is not a clown like they’ve had for the last several years.
    He will draft a QB (rather than trading the pick away) and draft a few more starters.
    If anything, the new GM is being handed a team with a lot of potential and draft picks, and will be able to win a bunch of games due to the resources handed to him.

  4. So basically Sashi Brown had complete control over the draft, including the evaluation of QB’s, and Hue Jackson didn’t have any say in those matters. Either that or Hue is not in the Browns’ future plans. Maybe the coach they wanted wasn’t going to be available until next year. Maybe Jim Harbaugh? Jay Gruden??

  5. Kizer they claim better off in GB ? being nail to a bench next 3 years how is that a good thing ?
    shock any team would trade for Kessler & Hogan !
    was any of this news to Browns fan ? I think not.

  6. This is so Browns. 2017 was sort of the year of the back up QB’s proving their worth. At least they are showing the new crop of QB’s their eventual fate.

  7. angrydave38 says:
    April 11, 2018 at 7:40 am
    It has that feeling of 61′ around there… you can just feel it..something special is gonna happen

    Happen where?….In The Factory of Sadness?

  8. Funny, but the HEAD COACH anointed all those broomed as great…..and he’s still there.

  9. By any metric, Tyrod Taylor and Drew Stanton are huge upgrades in comparison to Kizer, Kessler and Hogan. As comical and tragic as Brown’s decisions usually are, it’s almost like someone actually knew what they were doing.

    If they don’t win a few games this year – just a few, 5 or 6 – Hue Jackson’s got to go.

    And if their soon to be rookie anointed QB of the future pans out (whomever that may be), they might actually be on track to be relevant in a couple of years.

    And I’ll be as shocked as anyone – but I do see a window here. Usually the Brownies slam it shut – but maybe, just maybe, this time…

  10. Unlike the 04 and 09 changes this didn’t coincide with a coaching change of guys trying to bring in their own players after trying out guys who were already on the team. That’s the interesting fact that says the QB’s brought in during 16 and 17 were lame duck players from day 1.

  11. What’s the big deal? All three quarterbacks were terrible and it was a miracle they were able to get something back for each one.

    The Vikings also let go of three quarterbacks from last year. Two of them signed big contracts to be starters. You do what you have to do to improve the team.

  12. As a fan of the NFL, I hope the Browns improve. Their fans are loyal and deserve better. On paper, the Browns have made seemingly good moves, but I would be cautious in giving the new GM too much praise as some PFT posters are doing. They are still owned by Haslam.

  13. Given the Browns have #1 and #4, I’m not convinced they’ll use #1 on a QB. I’m not a big draft follower, but most boards have Darnold, Rosen, and Allen going 1-2-3 or some variant. I don’t know if there’s a significant drop-off between Darnold and Rosen. If there is, I’ll retract my comment. However, taking Saquon Barkely at #1 still leaves one of Darnold, Rosen, or Allen available to Cleveland at #4. Browns would get a starting QB and a starting RB, which complement each other well. Good luck to Cleveland, in any event.

  14. Obviously the new Browns brass wants understands the need to have the right chemistry in that QB room and cleaning house makes it easier to fill with guys who understand the league. For the casual fan it looks ludicrous but it will be much easier to set a tone when all 3 guys are new faces as well as the new brass. Stanton knows he is the #3. Taylor understands that he is the interim #1 with the opportunity to help mentor the new QB with an option to dazzle them and make it impossible to hand the job to the drafted QB. I wouldn’t even bother taking a QB this draft. Taylor can play well enough to carry you until the right QB is available. Move down a few spots then draft the best players available with your 5 picks between rounds 1 and 2.

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