David Johnson: We’ll be best offense in league if Sam Bradford’s healthy

Getty Images

In the football world, April is a time for optimism about what will happen once September and the regular season arrive.

Cardinals running back David Johnson provided a reminder of that on Wednesday. During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, Johnson was asked by Adam Schein about how good the team’s offense can be if quarterback Sam Bradford is able to remain healthy for the entire season.

Imagining such a development qualifies as optimistic and Johnson’s answer pushed things even further.

“We’re going to be great if Sam Bradford is healthy,” Johnson said. “For me watching him personally I’ve seen him do some great things. I think the biggest thing is just being healthy. Not just with the addition of him, but also the lineman we got, the receivers, and everyone else that we have added to the team on the offensive side, we definitely will be the top offense in the league this year.”

Most people would agree that having Johnson healthy would set up a major rebound for the Cardinals offense from last season. That would still leave a big jump from better than last year to best in the league even with Bradford at 100 percent, but it will be months before we’ll have any actual evidence about the overall state of things in Arizona in either direction.