Despite interest in rookie quarterbacks, Gase says he’s committed to Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill remains Miami’s quarterback. And yet the Dolphins continue to show interest in members of the incoming rookie class.

During a recent visit to PFT Live, coach Adam Gase addressed the persistent belief that he’s not committed to Tannehill.

“All you can do is say it and actions speak louder than words, I guess,” Gase said. “That’s who’s gonna be on the field for us. I don’t see that changing. Ryan’s been a guy that we’ve built a lot of this around. My confidence level in him is very high. What I saw at the end of 2016 gives me great confidence in him. I’m excited to get him back. I know last year was tough on not only him but a lot of us because there’s a lot of time invested in that. I know our players are excited to get him back and get going again. We’ll see what we can do.”

Some would say that actions like visits with Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen suggest that the team truly is considering its options with Tannehill. Still, Gase says Tannehill’s the guy — and that he’ll be better after missing all of 2017 with a knee injury.

“This might sound strange but he learned a lot last year,” Gase said. “He got a chance to take a step back and really kind of see you have a different perspective. You almost had to take a coach’s role and just kind of listen and trying to help other guys. I thought he did a good job of figuring out and understanding the why behind everything. He had a chance to really do that instead of just listening, running out on the field, trying to execute it, trying to get better at certain things. I think he was able to really think through a lot of things. We had a long conversation at the end of the season. Just a lot of things that he learned. Some of the things that he was saying was very interesting to me. Kind of the perspective that he took.”

We’ll see what he does with that in 2018. If Tannehill doesn’t thrive, Gase may need to get a new quarterback, or fans may start clamoring for a new coach.

19 responses to “Despite interest in rookie quarterbacks, Gase says he’s committed to Tannehill

  1. Dolphins in 2016 without R.Jones, Pouncey and down 11 starters throughout the season, they were 8-5 with Tannehill.

    Dolphins in 2017 with R.Jones, Pouncey and a healthy team, they were 6-10 without Tannehill.

    But keep up the #blametannehill movement.

  2. I don’t get excited about this team anymore, especially with Tannenbaum in charge. There’s going to be a lot of changes (again) when they turn in yet another mediocre season.

  3. I practice playing my guitar every day. Gase seems to be saying that if I stopped for a few months, and just watched other guitar players play guitar, then I could pick up my own guitar again after all that time off and be better than I was before I stopped. You’ll forgive me if I don’t try that out.

  4. I don’t get the Tannehill hate.
    Is he really a bad QB?
    Or is he a solid mid Tier 2 starter?
    Before discarding a middle of the pack starting QB think about the draft capital it will take to get another highly rated QB – a lot.
    And the team needs that draft capital to fix the rest of the team.

  5. Tannehill is the man this year IF his knee holds up. He was thee man last year at this time, but didn’t last thru the preseason. Now, after surgery, the hope is that he will be back to his old self.

    Investigating QBs this time of year is not earth shattering news. And they should draft one this year (and every year) as insurance against a knee popping on Tannehill, and as a potential future replacement. Ryan is over 30 and unlikely to play as long as Brady.

  6. RT17 top pass catchers he’s had in his career: Hartline, Wallace, Landry, Stills, Clay, Fasano. Now I ask, how are those guys doing as of today? All WR 2’s or 3’s on any other team.

    Bad O-line, guys who can’t get open or run the right routes, bottom half scoring defense, RT17 should be applauded for making this terrible team average.

  7. Tannehill is what he is, an average QB who never will be any more than that. He has shown flashes of possibly being great, but then he’ll be mediocre for the next 3 games. He’s definitely better than Cutler & Osweiler but that really isn’t a ringing endorsement, is it?

    Miami can’t just settle for a mid to lower tier starting QB, like they currently have with Tannehill, and expect to go anywhere come playoff time. If you accept being mediocre than that’s all you will ever be. The Osweiler move makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. If and when Tannehill gets injured, do you really want your playoff hopes in his very incapable hands?

  8. He isn’t awful and you can always improve. He is just the type of QB who is only good with a supporting cast. Very few QBs make them better.
    But as Philly showed last year and Miami found out the hard NEED 2 QBs in this league now.

  9. No time for trolls but this is a good move. Tanny is good enuf. Why not explore? Have little faith in Brock but he should be a good backup.

  10. Coach Adam Gase is committed to Ryan Tannehill as his Quarterback…. Until the Miami Dolphins draft a more viable option. This is a good draft year for quarterbacks and Ryan will be 30 prior to the season starting. I don’t see the Dolphins passing up one of the top six quarterbacks if one is available when they pick at number eleven (11)

  11. Reality is Tannehill is 30 this year.
    He’s been a very durable QB before this injury.
    Now properly fixed via surgery, I expect the durability to continue.
    Regardless of need, it is smart to draft good QBs.
    Either to groom as a successor or future trade material (see: Patriots)

    The front office FINALLY addressed the interior OL with getting proper guards and replaced the oft injured Pouncey. This should only strengthen what has been a porous pocket and weak running in between the tackles.
    (Besides Pouncey, there’s only been one OG (Incognito) with more than 1 year of college guard experience during Tannehill’s time with the team, the rest have been converted OTs)
    Bushrod? Tackle. Billy Turner? Tackle. Dallas Thomas? Tackle.
    Tunsil? Tackle. Sam Young? Tackle. Daryn Colledge. Tackle
    John Jerry? Tackle. Vernon Carey? Tackle.

  12. He isn’t awful and you can always improve. He is just the type of QB who is only good with a supporting cast.

    EVERY QB in the NFL needs a good supporting cast to win, what kind of comment is this?

    Wilson, Brees, Rivers, Newton, Prescott, etc all need a good TEAM to win and have shown without, they’re not as good. Only one QB can take any team and turn them into a contender and that’s Rodgers.

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