Josh Allen visiting Browns, then Dolphins

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Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen will spend the next two days visiting with a team that could draft him first overall, and with a team that might trade up for him if he doesn’t go first overall.

Allen will first visit with the Browns tomorrow and then fly to Miami for a visit with the Dolphins, according to Albert Breer of

The strong-armed Allen has been viewed as a potential first overall pick for months. There have been conflicting reports about how much the Browns like Allen, but some think he’s the favorite to be the first player off the board.

The Dolphins have indicated that they remain committed to Ryan Tannehill as their franchise quarterback, but the fact that they’re kicking the tires on Allen suggests that they’d consider a first-round quarterback if the right one is available in the right spot. The Dolphins own the 11th overall pick in the draft, and Allen is expected to be gone by then, but if the Browns don’t draft Allen, there’s a chance the Dolphins could move up for him — which would signal that they’re getting ready to move on from Tannehill.

17 responses to “Josh Allen visiting Browns, then Dolphins

  1. The Browns will regret passing on Baker Mayfield just like they regretted passing on Deshaun Watson.

  2. This is nothing but a smokescreen on the Dolphins’ part; they have no intention whatsoever of selecting any of the top four QB’s in this draft.

  3. I want Miami to draft Baker or Allen, not because I think they’ll be good but because I can’t wait to hear all of the “dolphins fans” come up with new excuses on what to complain about when the team is winning 5-6 games a year.

    Somehow, I’m sure they’ll still find a way to #blametannehill

  4. If one of the top six (6) prospects at quarterback is available the Dolphins will be drafting a QB in the first round for sure. Tannehill will be 30 before the next season starts and is coming of two years of injuries.

  5. due diligence. bring him in, not necessarily to workout, but to do whiteboard stuff and to have an interview over dinner. due diligence. i seem to recall a coach saying that he never met the player his GM drafted for him–cough Justin Gilbert. so yeah, i would think meeting a guy and to put him into the locker room, position room and film room side followed up with an interaction in a general social skills type-setting might be a good idea before you stroke a check for a few million dollars. then again, i am not an expert.

  6. Please, Brownies, please don’t draft this guy. He’s even less accurate than DeShone Kizer. Mayfield would be the best pick. Darnold or Rosen would be okay. But if we draft Josh Allen, we’re going to be seeing more 0-16 seasons in our future. Let’s not, okay?

  7. Except for the Tunsil saga which nobody could predict, @Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has nailed the Dolphins draft pic the last few years. Props to him for a good source, but the day a reporter can’t guess who you are picking will be the day we get better as a team.

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