Landon Collins may need another surgery on broken arm

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Giants safety Landon Collins may end up missing much of the 2018 offseason as a result of the same injury that ended his 2017 season.

Collins’ broken arm isn’t healing as quickly as hoped and he might need another surgery to put a plate in his arm, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports.

That surgery would have a recovery time of six to eight weeks, which would mean Collins would miss the offseason but be ready in time for training camp.

The news comes as a surprise because Collins told reporters this week that he was 100 percent healthy and good to go. It now appears that he’s not ready to go, even if he should be well before the season starts.

Collins has started every game for all three years of his NFL career, with the exception of the final game last year after he broke his arm.

12 responses to “Landon Collins may need another surgery on broken arm

  1. Giants are doomed , Eli is so done , no RB , Apple and Jack rabbit are gonna do what ever they want , the O line still is below average and OBJ still wants 20 million a year . The GM is a fool if he doesn’t draft a QB and trade OBJ cause the G men need to tear it down soon . Time to re build this team of scrubs . If they play any good team this year they will get hammered . The Giants can only beat the Bears and Cards as they will be underdogs all year ..2 or 3 wins for the OBJ gang

  2. either draft the QB you love or trade down. that’s my (real) advice even though I’m an Eagles fan. All these 35+ y/o QB’s out there that have performed well are nearing the end of the line. Rather be one year too early than one year too late. There is a reason you’re picking second; take advantage of it.

  3. “Should have done that to begin with.”

    Not if they thought it would heal properly without one. I broke my hip last December and had steel plates and screws inserted, which I never had to do with other broken bones I’ve gone through.

    It required a 3 hour surgery and they have to cut through your muscles to insert the plate and screws that hold it in place. Healing time is much longer, plus the muscles around the injury as well as the ones they cut through will have numbness and pain for months. Rehab is harder and longer. Recovery of strength takes more time than it otherwise would.

    Yes modern medicine has a lot of upside. If I’d broken my hip before modern techniques were available I might well never walk right again. Instead because I pound on the physical therapy and do my exercises every day I will recover full strength and mobility, and already have full range of motion restored. But you’re talking 5-6 month recovery instead of 6 weeks which is what a normal broken bone takes.

    That’s why its not taken lightly to insert plates and screws into the human body.

  4. Good grief…just get the surgery and then play in September…easy. Too many people have too few real problems and too much time.

  5. riverhorsey says:
    April 11, 2018 at 9:16 pm
    Why did he say he was 100% ? Contract?

    Zero to do with contract. He likely felt fine until they reviewed an MRI during the offseason program.

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