Report: Jerry Jones to meet with Dez Bryant on Friday

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Dez Bryant will meet with Jerry Jones on Friday, DFW’s 105.3 The Fan reports. The Cowboys could ask the star receiver to take a pay cut, or they could say good-bye by releasing him.

The Cowboys owner will make the decision on Bryant.

The beginning of the Cowboys’ offseason program Monday always was presumed as the deadline for the decision. Any season-ending injury occurring on team premises would guarantee his $12.5 million salary.

Bryant has a salary-cap number of $16.5 million for this season, though he has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014. His last 100-yard game came November 13, 2016, against the Steelers.

Dallas signed Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson in free agency and still could draft a receiver. The Cowboys have shown interest in Alabama’s Calvin Ridley and SMU’s Courtland Sutton among others.

15 responses to “Report: Jerry Jones to meet with Dez Bryant on Friday

  1. Daks tired of trying to throw to a player who can not separate, Only to see the player come to the side lines and complain.
    Romo was a veteran and could throw him open and back then at least Dez had some speed. Now hitting 30 slowing down and the pocket got lined with coin = not worth it.
    Dez never could run a route, now you have a qb who EXPECTS you to be in a certain place to throw and he isnt there.
    Dak friendly = No Dez.

  2. Bye bye Dez. Over rated, over hyped and over paid. Im sure there’s a team out there looking for a receiver with no speed that cant run routes and drops the ball when the game matters most.

    Next stop the XFL!!!

  3. calizcowboyz says:
    April 11, 2018 at 3:03 pm
    Assuming 60 plays on offense, a Dak friendly offense looks like this:

    RB runs: 45
    QB runs: 4
    0-10 yard passes: 8
    11-20 yard passes: 2
    20+ yard passes: 1

  4. Could sign jerry rice, lance alworth and randy moss and with that puppet armed , 200 yds per game turnover machine back there it wouldn’t make a bit of difference

  5. The Cowboy’s should just draft all rb’s and run the wishbone since their passing game is impotent

  6. “Son, sign that man. He’s still one of the best in the league!”-Jerrah Jones

    “Ohh great, Dad, you’re back on the bong and you didn’t offer me any”- Stephen Jones.

  7. Dez Bryant is still a good red zone target. There are teams that he would fit in well with as a role player.

  8. Hint: he will not be released.

    They will shift some money around in his deal, perhaps by making some of it “unlikely to be earned” to lower the cap number. That is the most likely scenario.

    Let’s face it. How much better would you say Sammy Watkins is than Dez Bryant? Dez makes $12.5, Watkins makes $16; what has Watkins ever proved? It’s just the market, that’s all. You have to give an arm PLUS a leg just to get your hands on ANY #1 wideout these days. $12.5 million is a ton of money, no doubt, but we’re not talking crazy money here.

    The team is not just going to cut him loose, it is just a preposterous though on several levels (if one were to actually think about it). Any article suggesting he could be released is simply trying to make this a more interesting story than it actually is.

  9. I hope the meeting doesn’t conflict with Dez’s workout with
    the receiving coach he is working with this offseason.
    ( See 3-21- 18 tweet by Dez) …..oh I’m sorry Dez hasn’t
    started those workouts yet……need we say any more.

  10. Bryant has never become the big play guy they expected him to be. When you add in the whole “drama queen” aspect of the guy and the off-field trouble he has caused, he just isn’t worth it. If the Cowboys ever want to win, they have to get serious and not pursue players like Bryant.

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