Robert Griffin III promises to better protect himself by sliding

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If Robert Griffin III gets a chance to play again, he promises to better protect himself. He will slide.

Griffin’s injuries began during his rookie season of 2012 with two different ligament tears in his knee. He had a dislocated ankle, a concussion and a fractured left shoulder sideline him for 34 games from 2014-16.

“It just means that when I do run, I’ll be smarter about it,” Griffin said at his introductory press conference, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “I’ll slide earlier, get out of bounds when I have to, and when it’s time to run for 70 [yards], I’ll run for 70. It just is what it is. That’s what I more so learned by watching over the years. I’m excited about that.”

Griffin’s first injury in the NFL came in a December 2012 game against the Ravens when Haloti Ngata hit Griffin on a scramble. Griffin, then with Washington, partially tore the PCL in his right knee. He tore the ACL in the same knee during the postseason.

He insists he has learned his lesson and become more knowledgeable about the game along the way.

“I feel like I’ve been able to get a better grasp of how to play the game in the NFL, what coaches are looking for,” Griffin said. “I think that’s a benefit, whereas in 2012 when I came in, it was more so learning everything on the fly and just going out and playing. Now I feel like I have to ability to go out and play and also know what I’m doing, be able to protect myself better, get the ball to the guys that need to get the ball and help a team win.”

20 responses to “Robert Griffin III promises to better protect himself by sliding

  1. Good luck Griffin! You got the major hose job on the 1st 2 teams you played for. Tough hand to be dealt.

  2. Oh my gosh…….he promises to slide more?!? Wasn’t he the one throwing balls over fences in Cleveland when they said to throw it away if nothing is there? How will he overdo the slide process now, maybe pretend he’s sliding into home plate when ever he takes off running?

  3. Has he learned to listen to the offensive coach/coordinator and then do what they tell him to do? If Mike Shanahan couldn’t teach him, then I do not know who can!

  4. I had sort of forgotten about this has-been/never-was until he made the news again with the Ravens. Given Flacco’s inconsistencies the last couple of years, Bob may get a chance to show us a slide in a real game. I remember he had some kind of brand – anyone remember what it was?

  5. “…whereas in 2012 when I came in, it was more so learning everything on the fly and just going out and playing.”

    Seems to me he’s throwing a little shade at Shanahan. Griffin was in all the mini-camps and training camps. He wasn’t just thrown into games with little or no knowledge of what he was supposed to do. He’s still in the habit of blaming others for his mistakes. I guess he just can’t help himself.

  6. Based on his past in the NFL: Can’t slide. Can’t do progressions. Can’t step up in the pocket. Can’t stop telegraphing plays. Can’t get along with team mates. That’s a lot of can’ts – why does anyone think him saying he’ll slide will make him a viable QB?

  7. Why is this guy even talking to the media? Mouth shut, head down, shovel that coal till you show us something. Yeah, thats the way it is with second chances Robert.

  8. As a Reskins fan I was really hoping for his success, but if he had it he would be starting, that simple. Basically he does not have an NFL body, he grimaced and winced on EVERY hit, his injuries are a result. That coupled with he cannot read defenses and play from the pocket, Kyle should get more credit for his ROY year. Wish him well, but…

  9. He absolutely can still play at a high level. Ravens now have the best backup in football, and Flacco’s leash just got a LOT shorter. I bet RG3 is showing the world that gorgeous deep ball again by mid season.

  10. The corrected title of this article should be : Robert Griffin III promises to better protect himself by riding the bench

    RGme is so passive-aggressive, he would probably do the Electric Slide on his way out of bounds.

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