Seahawks taking a look at another quarterback

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Coach Carroll, call for you on line two. It’s Russell Wilson‘s camp.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider were at a private workout yesterday for Texas A&M wide receiver Christian Kirk, Arizona State running back Kalen Ballage and Houston quarterback Kyle Allen.

The fact that the top of the organizational chart was there was watch was interesting, if unsurprising for a team that could use an influx of offensive skill position talent.

But Albert Breer of followed up that Allen was taking a pre-draft visit to Seattle as well.

Allen’s decision to enter the draft drew some raised eyebrows, since the former Texas A&M transfer was benched last year at Houston. That’s not exactly a position of strength entering the pros, but the fact the Seahawks are spending time on him suggests a level of interest.

The Seahawks are looking for a backup quarterback for Wilson, but it’s notable because of the reaction from his “camp” when the Seahawks checked out first-rounder Josh Allen. While this guy wouldn’t be perceived as the same level of threat as a first-rounder, star quarterbacks require a certain care and feeding, so somebody should be sure Wilson is apprised of all moves.

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  1. There is literally no QB on the roster not named Russell Wilson. So while the interest in Josh Allen is curious at best, but if a guy is rumored to be able to throw 90 yards you want to see it just for the fun of it. As far as the Houston QB goes or any other QB (not in round 1) makes perfect sense. They have to add another player at the position. Starting job is not at all in question, that’s obvious to everyone. They need to draft a backup and sign a veteran (probably Austin Davis again). Routine stuff, not a big deal. If Russell Wilson or his camp is upset maybe he’s the sensitive QB nor Rodgers.

  2. I hope Seattle extends Wilson for 10 years and guarantees that he is the highest paid player in the NFL for those 10 years. That means he automatically gets a raise every time a new guy gets more money than he does. Seattle deserves Russell Wilson and Seattle needs him. The 12th man cannot scream and shout without him. LOL

  3. IMHO, any team that does not do due diligence on every qb on the market, is incompetent. It is, currently, the most important position on the field. Every teams’ qb is one hit from paraplegic status. Of course, there have never been walk-ons nor late round picks that were worth a crap, right?

    WHAT? You say that there was a sixth round pick who is headed to the HOF. Surely not.

  4. Russell is a robot. Just look at his eyes during high pressure situations…..there’s nobody there. That’s why when bad things like a super bowl losing pick occur, he has 0 reaction and he’s already saying ‘on to better things’.

  5. Obviously they believe that Allen should change his position to offensive line. Can’t wait to see them trade up to draft him, only to convert him to guard or right tackle!

  6. I agree with the first post. When his current contract ends he will be 31. He’s made a lot of money. The Seahawks peaked and are currently rebuilding. He is not going to set any records at QB position. I would guess that if the Seahawks are not yet competitive come 2020 he will call it a career – especially if Schneider hasn’t improved the O-line.

  7. They not only need to look for a QB, they need to find one. It is likely This young fellow will either go late rounds or sign on as an Undrafted QB. The Seahawks just made the assessment on whether they want to consider using their limited and valuable pick on him or make a pitch to join them after draft. They also were looking at WR and RB it appears. Good job Seahawks!

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