Wade Phillips: I don’t manage players, I work with them

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After the Rams signed defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, head coach Sean McVay said he isn’t worried about Suh fitting into the mix that the team has on defense.

Cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib also joined the team this offseason and all three players have made waves with previous teams because of their outsize personalities. McVay attributed his lack of concern about having everyone under the same roof to the presence of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who McVay said has more “swag” than any player.

Phillips didn’t use the same explanation, but he shares the belief that all will work out just fine.

“We’re going to have personality now. You bring in Aqib Talib, you’re going to have personality,” Phillips said, via the team’s website. “It’s not manage though. I don’t manage players, I don’t handle players. I just work with players. They asked me the same thing when I went into Denver. I want them to have personalities. A lot of them are really good because of their personalities, they’re confident in themselves.”

Phillips said he’s focused on “working with individual” rather than an “authoritarian” approach to dealing with players. History says Phillips will find a way to be successful and the Rams’ hopes for the 2018 season will improve if he’s able to press the right buttons again this year.

17 responses to “Wade Phillips: I don’t manage players, I work with them

  1. Wade Phillips is the man. The Rams acquiring Wade was a brilliant stroke. These guys will love playing for him and playing his style of aggressive defense. He is consistently one of the top 5 defensive coordinators in the league.

    – Eagles Fan

  2. This may fly as a coordinator. But history shows us, it’s a terrible philosophy as a head coach.

  3. Unfortunate circumstance of players vastly out-earning their superiors. Doesn’t work in the real world. The new generation is struggling with it.

  4. This reminds me of when he said while with the Bills “We don’t have punt returners here, we have punt catchers.”

  5. Wade is one of the all time great defensive coordinators. The Rams are lucky to have him. When McVay came from the Redskins to coach the Rams, he immediately hired Phillips.

    A few years back the Washington Redskins could have signed Phillips as their coordinator, but instead chose Joe Barry who’s resume was being the DC of the 0-16 Lions. Barry had “energy” and Phillips was “too old”. Since then, the Redskins have fielded a bottom 10 defense every year. Phillips has a Super Bowl ring and a string of top 10 defenses. Some organizations are built to fail.

  6. I don’t care what anyone says including the fans as they should be ecstatic about this team. BUT its superbowl or bust obviously, and this is gonna go really bad or really good. But this is NBA style buying championships thing, it has never worked in NFL and to be honest, I hope it doesn’t, this type one year wonders will ruin the league.

  7. This D could be historically great or infamously awful. And it could either way.

  8. The Rams have improved significantly talent wise especially on defense. Phillips is a master of putting players in the right position to succeed. Egos are the only thing that I can see from stopping this team from going deep into the playoffs IMO.

  9. Wade has shown that not trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole can work…with many different teams. As long as it isn’t causing suspensions or unsportsmanlike penalties, having a “personality” isn’t always a bad thing.

  10. bum philips taught his boy RIGHT. an aura of mutual respect is how you have a LONG coaching career and lots of strong allies in the football world

  11. Wade was the last coach to get my Bills in the playoffs without backing them in like the current coach….

  12. whodatalien says:
    April 11, 2018 at 10:57 am
    bum philips taught his boy RIGHT. an aura of mutual respect is how you have a LONG coaching career and lots of strong allies in the football world

    Well, it didn’t help Wade as a head coach, just as an assistant where his career is thriving. There’s nothing wrong with being an assistant coach. Not everyone is born to be the head guy. That takes a different kind of leadership ability and skill to MANAGE.

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