Yes, the regular season schedule is coming soon

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Tonight, we’ll know the who, when, and where as to the four weeks of preseason action. In roughly a week, we’ll know one critical factor as to the 17 weeks of regular-season contests: The when.

All opponents for all teams became known when the 2017 season ended. But filling in the when — especially as it relates to prime-time games and big events like Thanksgiving — will be a major news event the sports world, to the likely dismay of the other sports that actually will have meaningful events next week.

From Sunday nights to Monday nights to Thursday nights to the opening night of the season in Philadelphia (at least one report has pegged it as a rematch of the Vikings-Eagles NFC title game), all questions will be answered once the NFL removes the sheet from its 256-game slate, capping weeks of elbow grease expended and simulations prepared by Howard Katz and his staff at the league office.

And so, whether it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, the regular-season schedule likely is coming next week. We’ll break down every angle of it as soon after it’s released as possible, and we’ll be tracking all leaks and other advance news as to that key question of when.

5 responses to “Yes, the regular season schedule is coming soon

  1. I’m excited for the breathless articles detailing how the schedule makers ALMOST DIDNT HAVE IT READY in time. There’s one every year, Peter King wrote last year’s version.

    Seriously, the least dramatic thing in the world is the NFL Schedule not being released the week before the draft.

  2. Edge of your seat excitement! May call in to work tomorrow and go on an all night bender celebrating my teams 0-0 record.

  3. If the tradition of having crappy games continues to dominate the TNF schedule, expect to see a lot of the Jets, Browns, Bears, Colts….

  4. Bud Grant used to say it doesn’t matter so much who you play but when you play them. In a lot of cases, you can predict pretty well whether a game will be a win or a loss just by where the game appears on the schedule.

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