After first-pitch home run, Tebow slumps in Double-A ball

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Tim Tebow has a flair for the dramatic. It’s the mundane that repeatedly trips him up.

The former NFL quarterback made headlines last week with a first-pitch, first-at-bat home run at the Double-A level. Since then, via, Tebow has one hit in 14 at bats.

His batting average through four games stands at .133, which is still better than the .056 average he generated during spring training with the Mets.

The Mets have a clear financial interest in nudging Tebow along the path toward the big leagues. But he’ll need to at least look and, from time to time, act the part. A periodic home run in a big spot won’t be nearly enough, if Tebow can’t ever get it done on the days when people are paying far less attention.

It raises the question of the practical deadline for Tebow’s one-man fantasy baseball camp. With Steve Spurrier wanting Tebow to play quarterback for the Orlando franchise of the Alliance of American Football, Tebow may need to ask himself a tough question about whether he should continue to spin his wheels in the mud around home plate or return to the sport in which he was a college star and, for a while, a big deal in the NFL.

21 responses to “After first-pitch home run, Tebow slumps in Double-A ball

  1. The guys turning into a circus, he cant play quarterback and hasnt for a long time…buddy’s got to be close to 30, he needs to find a real career when the baseball experiment ends…….

  2. Below the Mendoza line won’t get you called up the the bigs, no matter how much a publicity stunt.

  3. Said it before and I will say it again. All the hype over a first pitch home run – against guys who will never see the Majors. Time tends to round things out. Kind of like his “exceptional” career as a QB.

  4. He wasn’t good in single A and never should have been brought up to double A. The jump between these two leagues is 2nd biggest with the jump from triple A to the majors being the biggest. In single A the pitchers are just 19 years old or younger and most of them have nothing more then a fastball. They are working on mechanics at this level. In double A you wills start to see guys who get movement on the baseball. Tebow won’t hit .200 this year. The idea of him playing in the majors is a joke. If he was serious about baseball he would be working in independent leagues learning to play at a level he can actually improve at. He does this to keep being a celebrity and nothing more.

  5. Tebow is never going to be a major leaguer….but everyone who knows the least little bit about baseball knows you dont look at what a hitter is doing 5 games and 18 at-bats into a season. Thats just ridiculous, not just for Tebow but for any player at any level.

  6. Of course – just as it was in his prior baseball stint, there were a few gracious pitches to get a modicum of fan/media traction… and then nothing.

    That’s the pattern of Tim Tebow since the Draft: Something, then Nothing, Everywhere He Goes.

    Is he a football players?
    Is he a talking head?
    Is he a baseball player?

    …IDK because he’s hardly sat still in any one spot for long.

    What I DO know is he satisfies certain personality’s craving to put someone up on a pedestal.

  7. Hope he does well. Mets do not need any end of the year publicity stunt this season. The have a good team

  8. …And yet, the media is currently celebrating the unlikely NBA ascent of Andre Ingram, who didn’t even start a game in last year’s G-League basketball.

    But with Tebow, it’s all negative, all the time.

    I wonder what the difference is…

  9. Kaepernick and Tebow are in the same situation. Both had a short run of success followed up by mediocrity. Then they both became off field distractions that ultimately led to neither being offered a contract.

    The only difference is the media reaction to both.

    Kap kneels for anthem, wears pig socks, and is hailed by media as a hero

    Tebow kneels in prayer after a TD and the media thinks he’s the biggest jerk in the world, pushing his beliefs on others. He must be ridiculed at every opportunity.

    That’s where we are now in this country.

  10. guyjuneguyjune says:

    Tebow should be on an NFL team now. There’s no QB depth in the NFL. He’s proven he can play. He’s a solid leader and can play the game.

    32 NFL teams disagree.

  11. This article is probably the reason Tebow isn’t in the NFL right now–wherever he goes it’s guaranteed to be a media circus. Teams don’t want that.

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