Alex Smith on expectations for Monday: Just come in and be myself

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Alex Smith won’t need a name tag when he shows up to work on Monday, but Washington’s new quarterback might need his new teammates to wear them as he meets most of them for the first time.

“Be myself, get to know my teammates, get familiar with the offense,” Smith said, via Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post. “You’re trying to lay a foundation to head into training camp with, not only with the offense, but certainly with the guys. Especially with the skill guys. This is the time to take advantage of that. We don’t have pads on. We can do the most this time of year. We can take advantage of these days more than some of the big fellas.

“Just come in and be myself, be a good teammate, get to work.”

Smith put on his burgundy No. 11 jersey Wednesday and walked into the home locker room at FedEx Field for the first time. He met with 200 season ticket holders.

Washington begins offseason workouts next week.

“Looking forward to Monday and getting the ball rolling,” Smith said. “It’s all on your own at this point. The onus is on all of us as players to, really, take care of our own business.

“You’re in the weight room; you’re on the field; you’re working on what you need to work on. For me, there’s a throwing element, a moving element, running. Everything that goes into playing quarterback.”

Washington obtained Smith in a trade with the Chiefs for cornerback Kendall Fuller and a third-round pick. He signed a four-year, $94 million extension.

Since then, Smith has watched game film of Jay Gruden’s offense to try to “digest” it. NFL rules restrict what he has been allowed to do and prohibits contact with coaches. That changes Monday.

“Some of it through osmosis, I guess,” Smith said. “Just trying to take it in. I think every little bit helps as you familiarize yourself. Those are all reps. Take more and more reps, as much as I can. We have limited time together. The more I can do on my own, the better.”

6 responses to “Alex Smith on expectations for Monday: Just come in and be myself

  1. Alex Smith is a Pro’s Pro. He got a bad rap in KC for not winning big in the playoffs, even though he led the offense to 44 points in Indy, lost 27-20 in New England with 2nd team offensive lineman, 4th RB, no Maclin, no Justin Houston and a hobbled Tamba Hali. The defense gave up 18 unanswered points points against the Titans in January and the kicker missed a chip-shot FG that would have won the game for the Chiefs.

    Best of luck in Washington.

  2. The REDSKINS should have kept Cousins and given him a contract extension years ago. The REDSKINS will probably get decent production out of Smith, but I feel the REDSKINS will probably regret their decision in a year or two when they’re drafting in the top 5 for another franchise QB.

    Typical REDSKINS.

  3. Breathe easy, Alex — now that Kirk was the last scapegoat, and Gruden got an extension, the next guy to go down is Bruce. The rumor mill is deploying the narrative that he’ll be reassigned to a stadium search.

  4. Smith is old, washed up, and ineffective. He is no playoff caliber QB and is not an upgrade. His best years are behind him. And his acquisition hurt the Redskins’ defense. And what remains is even worse than last year.

    This team will be lucky to go 3-13 and Smith won’t last the year behind that horrific offensive line.

    Enjoy Cousins’ haters – you got your wish – and I’ll slam you for it.

  5. This is the first time in years where I literally have no clue how well we are going to do next season, but right now it doesn’t feel like we are going to be or do much. Hail to the Redskins, nonetheless.

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