Browns aren’t bringing Barkley or Chubb in for visits

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The Browns haven’t bothered trying to perpetuate the ruse that they might use the first overall pick on anything other than a quarterback.

What’s slightly more interesting is what could be an attempt to cover their tracks as it pertains to the fourth overall pick.

According to Albert Breer of, Penn State running back Saquon Barkley does not have a visit to the Browns among his pre-draft travels. And N.C. State defensive end Bradley Chubb said on the Rich Eisen Show that he didn’t either.

The Browns are apparently comfortable enough with the tape and character of both players to be willing to do whatever they’re going to do with the fourth pick.

Where it becomes interesting is considering whether they’re ready to pull the trigger on another potential impact player at No. 4 without meeting them, or whether that pick might be for sale to the highest bidder.

If quarterbacks go 1-2-3, someone might be desperate enough to overwhelm the Browns with an offer for the fourth pick.

Or maybe we’re all just overthinking things (that never happens in the NFL) and the Browns are content to add the top running back or the top pass-rusher without having to fly him to Cleveland for a meeting, since they already have the ultimate shiny object (a new quarterback) to distract their attention.

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  1. Pick Barkley first, then Josh Allen 4th.
    Let Josh sit the bench for 2 years groom him old school

  2. As far as I know, Dorsey has never drafted RB’s very high, and they already have a high pick tied up in Garrett. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if QB’s go 1-2-3 and then the Browns draft someone like Minkah Fitzpatrick or Quenton Nelson.

  3. The consensus is that these 2 (along with Quenton Nelson) are the most polished, ready-to-contribute players in the draft so they might think there isn’t much need to meet.

  4. If I were the Browns, why not draft two QB’s? Sounds Silly but year after year they miss out on QB’s. Draft two and I’m sure one will be good. Maybe…

  5. What I can’t believe… the list I saw somewhere that had the overall top 5 graded QBs from every season past 30 years and how over 66% were complete busts. Not…they played and did decent but complete duds. 3/5 Top picked QBs are guaranteed busts. What a crap shoot.

  6. I hope the Browns trade #4 to someone wanting a QB so the Broncos have their choice between Chubb and Barkley. Personally I’d like Barkley to kick our offense into gear. But to have Chubb on one side and Von Miller on the other wouldn’t suck either 🙂

  7. Dorsey has the “I’m the smartest guy in the room” disease. He’s drafting a 4th round QB with a decision making problem at #1. He traded for a QB that was benched and Buff, that’s right Buff, had no use for. The Dysfunction continues. Why should he talk with a projected top 10 rb?

  8. Barkley I can understand since they signed Carlos Hyde in free agency (even though he’s the best player in the draft…) but why not bring in Chubb? If they take Josh Allen as rumored he’s going to be there at 4, a DE tandem of Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb has the potential to be the best pass rushing duo since Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. It’s just not smart to not even consider him.

  9. Unpopular opinion. The Giants like what they see in Davis Webb as the successor to Eli or don’t like what they see in this year’s class, and are using smoke and mirrors to get some team to trade for the #2 pick.

  10. Draft Barkley and a good offensive lineman. Wait on QB until later rounds, none are worth a first round pick this year IMO.

  11. My bet is the Pats want to use all their high round pix to persuade the Browns for #4. Hopefully, the Browns don’t get even more stupid, and give the Pats the opp. I wouldn’t be a trade partner w/ the Pats if u put a gun to my head.

  12. I was wrong about Wentz and Goff.
    But with talk of QB’s going 1..2..3 then someone desperately moving to 4 to take another I have to wonder.

    With 3-4 “equal” QB’s at the top of the draft, does the old adage apply?
    If you don’t have one QB, you don’t have any?

    Can there really be this many franchise QB’s at the top of one draft? And if they are not, how come the one or two that are, or aren’t, have not split from the group by now? There is no agreement that one of them is the (uninjured) Andrew Luck and obvious first to go. But there is also no agreement that one of them is the “he’s worth taking a shot because you have to” consolation prize.

    Maybe they are not going to be great?

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