Dolphins continue to look at top quarterbacks

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The Dolphins have a starting quarterback they’ve expressed confidence in, and they pick 11th overall, so you wouldn’t think they’d be active in the quarterback market.

But they’re checking off all the boxes of teams that are, which suggests that at least one of those factors is at least only partially true.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are bringing quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen in this week for visits.

Considering that the consensus is that the top four quarterbacks (those two, plus Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen) figure to be off the board before 11, it’s solid preparation and an interesting strategy, if not just gamesmanship. The Jets figure to take one of them (and the Bills really want to, despite sitting at 12 at the moment), and that would at least give the Dolphins a peek inside the head of a future division rival.

The Dolphins have also had a private meeting with Rosen, and done their homework on the next tier of quarterbacks are well. They had Washington State’s Luke Falk in for a visit and Lamar Jackson was part of their local pro day since he grew up in the Miami area.

Of course, they also have Ryan Tannehill, but he’s coming off a knee injury and has just been OK when he was well, so keeping all their options open makes sense.

9 responses to “Dolphins continue to look at top quarterbacks

  1. There is a lot in play in the first round for a Quarterback. Denver could pick a QB but could be open to trade down with the Dolphins or Bills. Certainly the Buffalo Bills are in dire need and may not sit at number 12. The Colts might be open for trading their first round position. There are so many variables; The Dolphins are not going to pass up getting one of the top six Quarterbacks in the first round and are certainly competing with the Buffalo Bills. Miami could trade up with Denver. So something will happen early in the first round as these ‘Quarterback needy’ teams jockey for the best available quarterback based on their evaluations and opinions.

  2. The fact that Tannehill has managed to look at least ok on this dysfunctional franchise tells you the guy is a legit above-averge bordering on good QB. Who else can overcome Bullygate, cocaine-gate, Timmons visiting Steelers practice-gate, and Tannenbaum-gate (yes overcoming Tannenbaum’s disastrous roster moves is in itself miracle worthy). The guy has had clown coaches early in his career and as soon as a halfway competent coach shows up Miami goes 10-6. What happened without Tannehill this year? 6-10

  3. The Dolphins do not have the Trade Ammo that the Bills have. My guess is they sit at 11 and with all the QBs going that leaves a LB or Vita vea. The Dolphins are not desperate for a QB this year. They will take one later like the Richmond kid or Falk.

  4. gjv001 says:
    April 12, 2018 at 8:47 am
    Miami needs to do whatever it takes to trade up to #2 and draft Rosen or Darnold.


    LMAO, they have nothing to move up to #2

  5. PresidentTrumpIsRightRespectYourCountryAndFlag says:
    April 12, 2018 at 7:42 am
    The Dolphins have not had a real NFL starting quarterback since Dan Marino.

    CP10 was legit

  6. Let’s not forget that former first rounder (8th pick overall) Ryan Tannehill still has 3 years left on his $96 mil contract.

  7. If “legit above-averge bordering on good QB” isn’t damning with faint praise I don’t know what is.

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