Gayle Benson vows to keep running the Saints the way Tom Benson did

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After the death of longtime Saints owner Tom Benson, his widow is promising to continue running the team the way he did.

“As is standard NFL practice, my husband provided a report to the Commissioner summarizing the Ownership Succession Plan of the New Orleans Saints,” Benson wrote in a letter to her fellow owners, which was passed along to PFT. “For clarity, my husband’s plan and desire was for me to have full voting control of the Saints and to serve as Controlling Owner of the team per NFL rules. I understood this and want to reassure you that I am fully prepared to assume this role. Moving forward, I too, will provide the Commissioner my very own Ownership Succession Plan of the New Orleans Saints. Please rest assured, I will own and operate this franchise until my death and do so with the same drive and focus towards success that my husband displayed throughout his life.”

Gayle Benson says the Saints are in good shape financially and expect to continue to thrive in the Superdome, which they have sold out for every game since the team returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The Benson family went through some turmoil when Tom Benson changed his will keep his daughter and grandchildren from a previous marriage from taking over the team. But Gayle Benson says that turmoil is in the past, and she’s confident that the Saints are well-positioned for the future.

10 responses to “Gayle Benson vows to keep running the Saints the way Tom Benson did

  1. The Morabito widows sure took care of the SF Forty Niners after their husbands died?
    Eddie “D” took them to multiple chapionshaps and Super Bowls. Sorry Eddie got busted for gam bling issues or the Niners would probably not be in the state that they are in today if he was still in charge.

  2. I would love to see a sale of this franchise to the Manning Family at some point in the future.

  3. Tom would be proud if you sold out. Family businesses should be made to be sold, not passed down.

  4. It takes the best of the best businessmen to create enough wealth to afford an NFL team. With a couple of exceptions, anyone who inherited wealth isn’t shrewd enough to make good business decisions. She will eventually become power hungry, get in an argument with Loomis or Payton, fire one or both, then hire a smooth talking idiot as General Manager/Coach. John Mecom could have written a book on how inherited wealth doesn’t have the battlefield experience to know a good decision from a bad one. Once we lose Loomis or Payton, the generation-long demise will begin.

  5. Eddie “D” took them to multiple championships and Super Bowls. All but one Super Bowl win was before the salary cap.

  6. Mr. Benson had every legal and moral right to give his assets to whomever he wanted to. I wish Mrs Benson nothing but the best… except when the play the Arizona Cardinals.👍

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