John Fox: Bears have done a “good job” getting Mitchell Trubisky help

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Mitchell Trubisky didn’t set the league on fire last season in going 4-8 with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. But it wasn’t a bad start, and this season he should have more to work with.

The Bears signed receivers Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel and tight end Trey Burton.

So the Bears are expecting more from Trubisky in his second season, as is his former head coach.

“I thought Mitch handled it great,” former Bears coach John Fox said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “He’s respected in that locker room. The Bears have gone out and done a good job in free agency, surrounding him with some weapons. I don’t care who you are, it’s not one guy. You need some help around you.”

Now with some help, Trubisky should take a step forward this season.

14 responses to “John Fox: Bears have done a “good job” getting Mitchell Trubisky help

  1. Fox is too nice of a guy to have Fishers reputation, but his results are about the same.

  2. Now they just need to get the coaching staff and the rest of the team some help. What a horrible organization!

  3. Well at least my Cubbies are World Series contenders lol. Never thought I’d see the day where the Cubs are WS contenders in these past 4 years.

  4. Glennon isnt an elite QB under any OC but especially Loggains. If Nagy was the HC last year Glennon wouldnt have taken us to the SB but wouldve done leaps and bounds better than he did with Loggains. In his 1st year in TB under Schiano where he threw for 19TDs and 9Ints. Quite a difference huh you schmuks! It had NOTHING to do with Pace!

  5. After getting a taste of the NFL last season. Trubisky will be way more confident going into this season and if the team can stay somewhat healthy they can actually make a run for things in that division!

  6. What a waste in Glennon signing. I believe Trubisky has what it takes to lead Bears in future but the fact we gave up what we did. Could’ve gone after Garropollo and not what we gave up in a short 12 game experience Trubisky had in college. 2018 is filled with QBs.. Mayfield/Allen. I said from the start they shouldve took a QB this year if they had Gleenon. Bears always fight fire with fire. Only time will tell. Nagy being confident in Trubisky and fond of him eases the concern a bit. Happy with the additions of Robinson despite injury and Burton with Kelce type upside. Gabriel is intriguing with the play making ability of Cohen. Again I love and believe in Trubisky under Nagy but with the history of QBs in Chicago how can you blame me

  7. With Dez on the market the one team name that will not join the fray is “DA Bears” and this despite their need for better receivers.

  8. I guess I’ll never completely know what the whole point of the John Fox regime was. 3 wasted years if you ask me.

  9. Indiapalealeblog wrote:
    Mitch Trubisky is the biggest QB bust (look what the Bears gave up to get him) since RG3.
    He’ll end up setting the team back a few years until they move on.

    What a joke of a comment. Two 3rd Rd selections and a 4th rounder isn’t even close to what some time gave up to get QBs in recent years. The Rams and eagles gave up way more the year before to get went and Geoff, and the Redskins gave up the farm for RGIII. Oh yeah, and Geoff was a bust after his first year too right? Come back when you have an educated comment to make. While I am not a fan of the price they paid for him when I believe they could have stayed at 3 and still got him, it is way too early to call him a bust. He also showed way more than Geoff did his first year under worse circumstances and look what he did in year two.

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