Steve Gleason nominated for Congressional Gold Medal

Getty Images

Former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason has been nominated for the Congressional Gold Medal, the most prestigious civilian recognition that Congress awards, for his work in the fight against ALS.

Gleason, who is best remembered for his blocked punt in the Saints’ first game at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina, was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. He has been active in raising awareness for the disease and advocating for research for a cure and treatment for those who suffer from it.

Senators and members of Congress from Louisiana, where Gleason played for the Saints, and Washington, where Gleason was born and raised, have co-sponsored the resolution to honor Gleason.

“Steve Gleason was a hero for Saints fans and now he is a hero for all Americans as he finds hope and meaning in overcoming disability and creating greater opportunity for others who are disabled,” U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said.

Recent recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal have included former Senator Bob Dole and golfer Jack Nicklaus.