Texans cutting tackle Derek Newton

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The Texans said they were impressed with the way Derek Newton has been working out in his comeback attempt.

They just didn’t want him attempting it next week when he would have been on their property.

According to Mike Jones of USA Today, the Texans have informed the veteran right tackle he’s being released, and he’s filing a grievance against the team for an unpaid roster bonus.

Newton tore both patella tendons in 2016 and missed all of last season, and they admitted he probably wasn’t going to be ready until closer to training camp than next week.

They failed him on his team physical on Mar. 23, but according to Jones he got a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews who said he was fit to take part in workouts. He had a $500,000 roster bonus due on April 1, which they haven’t paid.

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  1. James Andrews medical opinion will win in court 999/1000 and by not cutting him he was on the roster. To avoid the bad publicity they should pay him his $1/2Mil bonus. He’ll sign somewhere (Packers?) for at least the $3.5Mil he would’ve made this year.

  2. If he’s only being released now – or even within the past week – then he was on their roster on 1st April and is entitled to his roster bonus.

  3. At least 3 of us know a Watt is overrated and rarely heads up on the tackle not to mention he has been injured for two straight years(IR)

  4. Dr. James Andrews has never been wrong in his life. We shall worship DR JAMES ANDREWS. Sick of hearing this dude’s name.

  5. This is a surprise. The Texans need all the help they can get with their Pathetic roster going into 2018. This is a huge mistake for a team who just can’t get it right.

  6. Huge Texans fan since day 1. I love the team and always will, but they make some headscratching decisions. This being one. They need ALL the help they can get. They had the worst OLine in the league last year and have replaced the line with career backups. Newton has played very well for them in the past and I was looking forward to seeing if he could make it back. I know 2 torn patellas won’t make it easy, but he seems like a man on a mission. The Texans haven’t had a good OLine in years and continue to make mistake after mistake in the draft (Sua Filo, Brennan Williams, etc.) and in free agency (Allen, Young, Giacomini) all while letting good talented OLinemen go like Newton and Brandon Brooks.
    I wish Newton the best. I will definitely be hoping he can come back from his injury.

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