Bears bring Quenton Nelson in for a visit

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The Bears are going to get a look at several Notre Dame players today at their local pro day.

But they met one of particular interest already.

According to Josh Norris of NBC Sports, the Bears met with guard Quenton Nelson yesterday.

Whether Nelson is still available when they pick eighth overall remains to be seen, but their interest in him is natural. Depending on how quickly the quarterback land rush goes, the teams picking immediately in front of the Bears (the Colts at No. 6 and the Buccaneers at No. 7) could easily justify using a high pick on a guard.

The Bears hired former Notre Dame offensive line coach Harry Hiestand this offseason, so he knows better than most what Nelson could bring.

12 responses to “Bears bring Quenton Nelson in for a visit

  1. Way back before the Bears won the Super Bowl, Jim Finks first established both a very respectable O-line and their D-line was probably one of the NFL’s best ever. I sure hope Nelson falls to #8.

  2. You don’t pick a guard with the 8th pick overall. Top ten picks should be impact players – repeat pro bowlers and possible hall of famers. Guards are failed offensive tackles.

  3. Quenton Nelson is impressive, but winning guards (e.g. the Eagles’) are routinely drafted in the later rounds. As a matter of fact, Jim Finks was drafted in the 12th round. Besides, if his college coach is as good as he’s rumored to be… he’ll be able to help Kush or Morgan settle the LG spot.

    Nagy’s honeymoon is over, so it’s time to quit spoiling the guy. The Bears need players; in particular, we need players that play defense. In the best of all worlds, we’ll be able to trade back a few spots and add a 2nd or third rounder. What we don’t need to do (yet again) is fall in love with a player and trade up for him unnecessarily.

    Pace, pay attention: Chubb ran a 7.4 3 cone drill. Thank you.

  4. getmikej2012 says:
    April 13, 2018 at 9:05 am
    You don’t pick a guard with the 8th pick overall. Top ten picks should be impact players – repeat pro bowlers and possible hall of famers. Guards are failed offensive tackles.

    Is that what they are? I thought they were failed centers.

  5. I want Minka here. But for God’s sake can ya all stop sayin trade down. When you do that, #1 you’re not taking the best players and #2 you’re GIVING them to our competition. We need to stay where we are and take the best player available. After all, we won’t be drafting this high again for a long time ! *big smile*

  6. The Bears always seem to miss out by 1 spot on a player who could have really helped them. Aaron Donald being the most blatant recent example. I hope that’s not the case this year.

  7. I don’t know how some of you say “can’t choose a G at 8”. This guy is an anchor. He can help open the run game but more importantly provides great protection for the QB. More protection=more time to make plays. More protection=less risk of an injured QB. He’s regarded as the best player in this draft. To get the best player at #8 that can nearly make your OL elite? How could you pass that up just because he’s a G? Sure other positions are more important, but we need a G and this guy would make a difference.

  8. I think Nelson is one of the better G prospects in recent years. Familiar with new OL coach at Notre Dame can only help. I think him falling to 8 is possible. OL isn’t a flashy pick like an elite LB or S but Trubisky would love that extra time in the pocket and Howard is gonna have holes for days. If Pace loves Nelson. Get him. Pace seems to draft solid lineman. Price G/C in the 2nd might be a better value even coming off injury. Shall see. 2 weeks to figure that out.

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