Browns bring Lamar Jackson in for a visit


The Browns haven’t scheduled visits with several of the candidates for the No. 4 overall pick, but they brought another quarterback in to Cleveland.

The team announced that Louisville’s Lamar Jackson was among the prospects visiting today.

Since they also pick first, the Browns can take any quarterback they want, and the conventional wisdom is that Jackson isn’t among the first four.

The Browns have also had Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield at the facility so far, as they prepare to add another name to the jersey.

17 responses to “Browns bring Lamar Jackson in for a visit

  1. This is a smokescreen. They’ll be taking OT Madison out of Washington State. They desperately need a tackle and this guy could be the next Joe Thomas.

  2. Fine by me if mouth breathers like Bill Polian don’t know how to use him. Please let him fall to my favorite team in the draft.

  3. PFT comments when the Browns showed interest: “wow what a bust LOL Cleveland”
    PFT comments when the Pats showed interest: “well Belichick will develop this guy into a superstar”

  4. The last super bowl… Won by the Philadelphia Eagles might I remind you…lol. Included no first round draft picks playing QB.

  5. What a wasted trip since there’s zero chance the Browns draft him. Sometimes I think they bring in players so they have info on him for when they play him in the future. “So Lamar, what defenses give you the most trouble?”

  6. So much potential here. I wonder if the Browns would seriously consider trading down, grabbing Barkley at 4, grabbing Jackson at 7 or 8 or later, and somehow managing to get a third first rounder in exchange for the first pick.

  7. watching how Watson change the game last year . why wouldn’t u draft this kid ? as a Browns fan would love to see Jackson & Barkley . give it a year and see how they scare the daylights out of DEF . but that just me.

  8. I think it’d be brilliant for the Browns to go Chubb, Barkely then Jackson with their 3 first round picks. Plus Jackson and Taylor would fit similar enough to the same offense.

    That would be bold. The Browns probably should be bold.

    Josh Allen is the true bust. Inaccurate. Terrible footwork. The Iowa game will make you lol. Probably a good kid so I’ll wish him luck. He makes Blane Gabbart look awesome by comparison. Josh Allen averaged 165 yards passing per game last year. Failed to break 2K yards in 11 games of action. Allen throws the ball over his WR’s and HB’s head when they are still behind the line of scrimmage.

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