Dez Bryant: “It’s very personal”

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The Cowboys surely think it’s just business, nothing personal. Dez Bryant doesn’t see it that way.

“If I didn’t have my edge I got it now,” Bryant said on Twitter in the aftermath of his release. “I’m sorry they got to feel me it’s personal . . . it’s very personal.”

Personal enough that Dez surely will be inclined to consider joining a team that plays in the NFC East, facing the Cowboys twice per year. The fact that he already has reportedly said that he’ll see the Cowboys twice per year suggests that he’s at least considered — if not more than that — the possibility of joining the Eagles, Giants, or Washington.

Wherever he goes, he’ll be bringing the same emotion that he had through eight seasons with the Cowboys, and then some. The question becomes whether he still has the physical skills to wreak havoc on a defense, or whether the reported decline in his abilities is accurate.

Regardless, Dez has reason to be miffed. The Cowboys squatted on his contract through the first month of free agency, making it harder for him to find a viable landing spot and/or a proper payday.

That said, he’d probably play for free if it means playing against the Cowboys.

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  1. Technically it’s most likely business and probably not personal.

    It happens to everyone eventually.

  2. And of course that vomit-mouth doofus Deion Sanders took it personal too as he IMMEDIATLEY got on the phone to NFL Network to defend “his boy”. I hope some team is DUMB enough to hire Deion someday as a coach or GM so he can set the new record for most consecutive 0-16 seasons.

  3. When a free agent puts a set in stone demand in free agency it doesn’t leave teams much wiggle room. Especially the first couple years of declining ability. Dez mad his bed, now he probably won’t get what the Boys offered him!

  4. amaf21 says:
    April 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm
    Alex Smith to Dez – welcome to the Washington REDSKINS sir.

    This implies that Alex Smith can chuck the pigskin that far. He hasn’t shown that in like.. EVER!

  5. So you will sign with a team to face Dallas twice a year and miss out on the playoffs or a ring, now that’s personally dumb! Move on, go to a contender

  6. If it’s just business, then its not necessarily the most ethical business practice. If they weren’t even going to bother to renegotiate, why leave the guy hanging through the end of free agency? It’s not like they were busy trying to make things work, or needed extensive cap and performance analysis here. It may be the right business move, but the timing makes it a weak business move.

  7. I cant stand Dallas but i have to agree – it is personal. They screwed the guy by waiting so long to do this. What a poor way to cut ties if Jones was that close to Dez.

  8. They released him before the draft. It gives him a better opportunity to get a deal before teams stock up on young wrs. He should at least be grateful for that.

  9. Hey silentbenstrikesback…pretty sure Alex Smith led the league 20yd plus completions last season. Plus Dez ain’t much of a down field threat anymore anyway…hence his release.

    So yeah…Alex Smith can get the ball down field to people that can get down field. Dez isn’t one of those people.

  10. Don’t the Eagles, Giants or Washington have to want him ,first of all? He’s getting ahead of himself, unless there was some tampering and he knows something that we don’t.

  11. “That said, he’d probably play for free if it means playing against the Cowboys.“

    No one is playing for free. If it takes getting cut to motivate a “star” player, that player is no star. He already had $70+ million reasons to be motivated, and just went through the motions when on the field.

  12. Should have made it personal when it counted. Dropped passes, poor effort, drama, high maintenance. Only superstars can get away with that stuff, and you aren’t a superstar anymore.

  13. its not about the money it was about respect. He signed the contract that they offered now they want to lower his deal. He will sign for a solid base plus loads of incentives. He will be fine. Once he gets with a real coach and QB he will be a excellent #2.

  14. With DEZ it is always more sizzle than steak. He’s way overpaid for his production, brings too much drama to the locker room, and he lacks speed to separate. To me this was an easy BUSINESS decision

  15. Its funny when people say that Dak is not a good QB when the don’t show how good he is in only his second year. 65 CMP%,6991 YDS,57 TD, 95 QBR,17 INT, 22-10 record.

  16. He doesn’t get it. Never will. Comments like this are why He was cut. Besides all the drops. Passion can be great. Misdirected passion is bad on a team.

  17. This strikes me as a Patriots type of pickup. Get him to commit to a one-year “prove it” form of contract and allow him to compete for a championship.

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