Dez Bryant: Wasn’t my decision, forever Dallas in my heart

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Wide receiver Dez Bryant‘s days as a member of the Cowboys have come to an end.

Bryant met with the Cowboys on Friday and word broke a short time later that the team would release him. Bryant confirmed as much with a tweet saying farewell to Cowboys fans after eight years with the team.

There was some discussion ahead of the meeting about the Cowboys asking Bryant to take a pay cut from the $12.5 million base salary he was due to make in 2018. According to multiple reports, however, Bryant was not asked to revisit his contract before the axe came down.

That suggests there was at least some truth to reports that Cowboys coaches believed Bryant’s game has slipped to a point where the salary wasn’t the only issue behind their willingness to move on without him. Those reports about no pay cut being offered also say the move will not be designated a post-June 1 cut, which means the team will only get a little more than half of his $16.5 million in cap space back this year.

We’ll see what teams might have an interest in seeing what remains in the tank. Bryant reportedly said he plans to see the Cowboys twice this year, which would give Cowboys fans a chance to return the love Bryant sent their way on Friday or send a different message to the wideout.

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  1. Always been a fan of Dez — but between the fumbles, dropped passes, lack of separation…… and the distractions on the sideline. He’s just not worth it. I wish him all the luck with whatever team he lands with and hope he gets back to the performance he was at a few years ago. Last year was probably one of the most frustrating years I’ve had watching him play. The team bent over backwards to get him the ball sometimes, to the detriment of the whole team, and quite often once he got it…. he just gave it to the other team. Unacceptable.

  2. Let’s see if you guys have a half brain. What is the common denominator in the years Dez was putting up monster numbers and in the years he hasn’t?

  3. This is where I find Jerry repulsive…..Dallas was cutting him unless he took a 50% pay cut or more. 99% chance he was not going to accept it. Why didn’t they let him go at the start of free agency?

  4. He will be on a roster soon, probably at $3.5M – $4.5M range. He’s got to expand his route tree and improve his attitude to get beyond that.

  5. Dez play has slipped but ever since Dak has been the starter he hasn’t had a 100 yard game but Romo found ways to get him the ball.

  6. 2017 Dez Bryant Statistics:

    69 receptions – 838 yards

    6 td – 1 fumble
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    2017 Brandon LaFell Statistics:

    52 receptions – 548 yards

    3 td – 1 fumble

  7. The problem is only partially Dez. Tony Romo could find this guy pretty much anywhere on the field. Dak, not so much. He will get with a better qb and be just fine.

  8. They put the squeeze on you and now your options are limited.
    Free agency is over and the draft is a few weeks away. The open market is now closed. You was better off taking the pay cut. Look in the mirror and ask yourself are you still the man.

  9. Signing Dez would be a typical Daniel Snyder move. Let the skins willingly bring that poison onto their team.

  10. Patriots maybe. Belichick has had a good record with squeezing good years from players that have been considered to have “problem attitudes”. They really should be in a win now mode and having just traded away there number 1 pulling in a veteran free agent like Bryant would be a bit of a coup. Even if he is in decline. Also, because he’s been cut it wouldn’t interfere with compensatory picks.

    I hate the Patriots. I bet they get him at a reasonable rate as well.

  11. Goes to prove Jason Garrett sucks as a coach and if he doesn’t get the team in the playoffs this year with his “type of guys”, then Jerry needs to fire him.

  12. Bottom line you have to perform, unless you a QB then you still get paid big bucks to do nothing. The money and production did not mix and they moved on, I respect that, not like the Giants who dangle OBJ out there. Why let a player or coach hold a team hostage just move on from them.

  13. Wasn’t my decision…uhhh yeah, yeah it was. They wanted you to take a pay cut, the decision to say “No” was yours and yours alone.
    Now I don’t blame you for not wanting to take a pay cut but be a man and take responsibility for your part of it.

  14. sandersmarcus10 says:
    April 13, 2018 at 1:58 pm
    Bottom line you have to perform, unless you a QB then you still get paid big bucks to do nothing. The money and production did not mix and they moved on, I respect that, not like the Giants who dangle OBJ out there. Why let a player or coach hold a team hostage just move on from them.


    well the Giants can do that because OBJ is still well underpaid for his level of production.

  15. I think he and Johnny Manziel should go and play together in Canada. Bryant is going to enjoy the veteran minimum if anyone picks him up in the NFL… couldn’t happen to a nicer lady!

  16. If you have talent, Cowboys hold your rights til the last possible moment, limiting your options every time. As JJ would say ‘it’s the price you pay to play in our spotlight’.

  17. Good move by Jerry Jones. I especially like the way he came out and said that Dez was one of his closest friends!! LOL!! That is beautiful Jerry, You’re a complete class act. He’s starting to learn what bad apples do to your team. You gotta cut the cord before they strangle you with it. Dez, Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy etc…. Although talented, these guys lose you more games than they will ever win for you.

  18. Fans are so hilarious. ALL of you hated Dez soooooo much, now that he’s a free agent: “oh pretty please come to my team.” lol whatever

  19. 2012-2014 with Tony Romo at QB were Bryant’s best years.

    Getting cut should force Bryant to turn a page and further excel, since he only turns 30 years of age in early November and paired with a great quarterback over the next 5-6 years, assuming he stays healthy, Bryant could still potentially catch a bus ride to Canton (Hall of Fame).

    Super Bowl-winning QBs like DaBreeze/Saints, Mister Rodgers/Packers, Big Ben/Steelers, lil bro’ Manning/Giants, a Super Bowl berther like Cam/Cam-rolina Panthers or young-gun upstarts like Jared Goff/Rams, DeShaun Watson/Texans, Carson Wentz/Eagles would be a great next port-of-call for Mr. Bryant.

    Leave the drama at home and just produce on the field, man (same goes for you, Mr. OBJ of Big Blue).

  20. one of the most overrated players in league history. if he didnt play for dallas no one would know who he is

  21. Hey, there is no shortage of younger, more athletic players at a cheaper price. That is the truth of it, and it is the same in private business. There simply is nobody that is not replaceable.

  22. honkeyt says:
    April 13, 2018 at 1:14 pm
    Let’s see if you guys have a half brain. What is the common denominator in the years Dez was putting up monster numbers and in the years he hasn’t?


    Ummm. Busted foot??

  23. Didnt Dez publicly state he would not take a pay cut? There should be no issue or surprise that none was offered.

    Teams pay for potential, not past production. Dez hasn’t produced since signing his big contract. Now the market will dictate how teams view his potential.

  24. Dez has no one to blame but himself. He certainly has
    the talent but when you stop doing the work it shows.
    The Cowboy organization is not stupid. I’m sure they
    did all they could to get Dez back on track and if
    Jerry Jones gives up on you …there is a very
    legitimate reason and most likely after a ton of effort.
    So Dez my get some of that flash back..but he won’t sustain

  25. Pro sports is about production, plain and simple. It’s not just Dez, but all of them.

    Big bucks requires big production.

    He can still play, just not at $12 plus million a season as his production no longer warrants anything close to that amount.

    It’s not just the drops, only 4 wide outs had more drops than Dez last year, it’s also his catch percentage.

    The Dez only caught 52.3% of passes thrown his way. Only 7 wideouts caught a lower percentage of passes thrown to them last season.

    So, Dez was very high on the list of drops and very high on the list of catching a low percentage of passes thrown his way.

    Not good.

  26. Pop gun Prescott and whoever jerry gives him as receivers will never sniff what Dez and Romo did

  27. To those saying it was on him, read the story….
    ” According to multiple reports, however, Bryant was not asked to revisit his contract before the axe came down.”

  28. Everyone commenting on where he will land must remember…he has to take what’s being offered which will probably not be $12M. I can see him signing a 1 year deal, perhaps with one of these teams:: Houston,San Diego, Broncos, Bengals,Jets Panthers, Cardinals, Washington

  29. There just aren’t any teams in the league that would pay an aging below average wide receiver along with all the headaches that come with Bryant, the amount of money he’s looking for.

    Hang on I forgot about the Vikings…..

  30. kevines255 you seem to lack reading comprehension so let me help you out. The cowboys met to tell him he would be cut not to ask for a pay cut so what part of playing for dallas was Dez decision?

    kevines255 says:

    April 13, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Actually it was his decision. It was a money decision. If it was a decision about playing for the Cowboys, he would still be there.

  31. You team him up with that punk Beckham in NY and Eli will be in an absolute terrible position, he won’t be able to the number of drops between those two.


  32. Make no mistake this was all Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett -they have had enough of the Dez headaches. Absolutely love how the Cowboys are moving away from the aged high priced veteran. Jerry is GM only in title and name. We know this is Stephen Jones, Jason Garrett and Will McClay organization along with Charlotte and Jerry Jr. Love the direction this team is moving.

  33. When the Cowboys get tired of you, you know it’s bad. He probably thinks he’ll get another contract like the one he had. He’ll be lucky to get anything more than a one-year deal. Most teams won’t be interested at all.

  34. wonder if belichick will bother to experiment on this knucklehead and show him how to play football for the first time in his life.

  35. I didn’t think they would do it. Wisdom is starting to prevail in Dallas it would seem.

  36. Imagine the sideline blowup he’ll have when he is playing the cowboys and not doing anything productive. Who would want this guy? He’s not just a selfish receiver that will tear apart a locker room. He drops passes! He is slow! He can’t get open!

  37. Dez was previously quoted as saying “hell no” when asked back in December if he’d be willing to take a pay cut. Why should the Cowboys ask him to take one now before cutting him?

  38. Imagine pairing him and OBJ together, could be fun for Eli and fun for everybody else to watch. Not a fan of the team or player but it sounds like a good match.

  39. Suddenly reminded that Jerry Jones is 75 years old and it’s been 22 years since the Cowboys last made it to the Super Bowl. Jerry showed all his class in waiting many weeks to cut Dez so that he could better squeeze him with other teams having made their big $ commitments to other receivers. This was a lousy thing to do and should be remembered when we next hear elderly Jerry talking about his love for the Cowboy players.

  40. steelcurtainn says:

    How lucky can one guy be to leaving a sinking ship?

    If i recall that sinking ship went into Pittsburgh in 2016 and ran rough-shot against the Stoolers and their “shower curtain” defense.

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