Jarvis Landry accomplished both his dreams in signing contract extension

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It’s official: Jarvis Landry signed his five-year, $75 million contract extension with the Browns on Friday.

“I have never believed in luck because I have always believed in God. What God has for you, no other man can take, stop or have,” Landry said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I’ve always dreamed of two things: taking care of my family and playing football. I’ve become a product of hard-work, sacrifice, persistence, and mental toughness. Jerry Rice said the thing that made him so great was the fear of failure. I’ve been afraid of failure my whole life. I’ve endured my share, but in each and every discomforting time I’ve failed, I’ve also grown; I’ve also learned; I’ve also found success.

“Even in this moment, I can’t take credit, my mother, my family, my coaches and countless other people have played a major part in the person you see today. I want to thank the Cleveland Browns organization, Coach Hue, John Dorsey, Dee and Jimmy Haslam for making me family and Cleveland, Ohio home. I’m excited for the journey with my new teammates and building, one day at a time, starting with the offseason program on Monday. Let’s be great Cleveland.”

Landry led the NFL with 112 catches last season, and his 12 touchdowns were two more than Cleveland’s entire receiving corps. The Browns obtained him in a trade with the Dolphins for a fourth-round pick (123rd overall) in this month’s draft and a seventh-round pick in the 2019 draft,

“Jarvis Landry is the type of football player we want on this team for a long time,” General Manager John Dorsey said. “Obviously, he’s an accomplished playmaker. That’s why we went after him in the trade. but in his short time as a Brown we can already see the type of leadership and competitiveness he’s going to bring to his teammates. We are very pleased that we’ve been able to secure him to a long-term contract.”

32 responses to “Jarvis Landry accomplished both his dreams in signing contract extension

  1. Yea god really wanted him to get 5 year 75 million dollar contract. It was really important to him, hopefully now that god got that out of the way he can focus on child starvation and other such things. 😂😂 Reality just isnt for everybody I guess lol

  2. JL had 9 TDS not 12 but when you’re targeted over 160 times you probably should have 15.

    The translation here is “I wanted to get paid more than anything else.” He’ll be cut in two years when Cleveland concedes what a horrible overpayment this is for a slot receiver.

  3. We all can debate what Landry’s value was, But good for him! You see the man behind the helmet in a statement like that. I may not be a Browns fan but I’m rooting for you guys!

  4. I think, at this point, if you’re an NFL fan but don’t have a rooting interest against the Browns (ie, a Ravens/Bengals/Steelers fan) you’re almost hoping this is the year they turn it around.

    Their fans deserve to see a winning team at least once every four Winter Olympics.

  5. Hopefully he has success, but that is a lot of money for a possession receiver. The receiving equivalent to “3 yards and a cold of dust”. Not a game breaking bone in his body!

  6. Just wait until 3 games into the season and a losing streak is going on and he isn’t getting the ball. You will see the real diva show it’s ugly head.
    I always laugh at the take care of my family comment, Uhhhh do they not have jobs and can’t take care of themselves??

  7. Great Jarvis! Now let’s see if he can live up to the expectations of the Cleveland Browns. Coach Bill Belichick could not do so……good luck Jarvis!

  8. I’m hoping hard that he bucks the Browns trend of signing vet receivers who talk a good game but then fail to produce even at a minimum level (Britt, Bowe et al). He sounds positive which is great but handing him a $75M contract before a single down played for the Browns worries me. We’ve seen this movie before.

  9. Does anyone proof check this stuff? He had 9 TD’s which were mostly manufactured RZ scores designed for him by Gase. Career average is a mear 5.5 Td’s annually.

    Gase did everything he could last year to increase his trade value. Good luck with the 1 win in two season Browns there Jarvis. Let’s see how the fans like it when his personal fouls start to add up.

  10. This is the problem with all sports, not just football. It’s not the high price of stardom, (stars are worth the money) but the high price of mediocrity. I give you exhibit A, Sammy Watkins, and B Jarvis Landry.

  11. Sorry this is an example of why the Browns are the Browns. Landry is limited athletically and inefficient. Can’t believe they paid a one dimensional possession receiver that much. If I am O’Dell Beckham I asking for 30 million now. The Giants have to be pissed about tbis stupid, stupid deal.

  12. “I would rather spend my life emptying Lake Erie with a teaspoon than playing for the Browns…”
    It appears that you have the golden opportunity to fulfill you life’s dream. LOL

  13. He certainly says all the right things there. A dose of Cleveland will show how much he means it, & we’ll see

  14. Eagles fan here.

    All jokes aside Cleveland has a chance to quickly rebuild like the Eagles did with that draft haul and some of the new additions.

    Look at their division. Big Ben aint playing forever…the Ravens remain hella mediocre and Cincy….they’re Cincy.

    If the Browns have a good draft…I can see them winning at least 5-6 games. They were at least competitive in most games last year with a terrible roster

  15. “We all can debate what Landry’s value was, But good for him! You see the man behind the helmet in a statement like that. I may not be a Browns fan but I’m rooting for you guys!”

    So much THIS. As a Steelers fan, I’ve found myself smack-talking the Browns and their fans a lot more here recently.

    This can only mean ONE thing: a savvy football fan knows the Browns are rapidly improving and won’t be down much longer.

    They’re on the rise, and Cincy and B-More are in steady decline. Cleveland has the right GM in place, but not the right HC. Although the right HC may already be in their building in the form of new OC Todd Haley.

    Just call future Cleveland “KC East”…

  16. Not enough money in the world to be happy about going from south beach to cleveland, sorry clevelanders, no shade intended just truth.

  17. promickey says:
    April 14, 2018 at 7:00 am
    Great Jarvis! Now let’s see if he can live up to the expectations of the Cleveland Browns. Coach Bill Belichick could not do so……good luck Jarvis!

    Learn your history. Belichick did not coach for these Browns. He coached for the team that became the Ravens. The Ravens are in Baltimore, and the guy that released him is dead. As much as I wish it were (they were much more successful back then) this is not the same Browns team.

    Plus he had a 36-44 record with that team, making the playoffs once. Ignoring the interim coach in 1990, he was actually less successful than both Bud Carson and Marty Schottenheimer before him. Still think it was a bad, classless move on Modell’s part to not bring him to Baltimore (after he assured him he would) but both coaches who preceded him got fired too – with better records.

  18. Say what you might fellows, but step back and stay out of the way a New Sheriff is taking office in the AFC North and the entire NFL, one that will be taking telephone numbers for years to Come.
    Yes im referring to my Boys, My Team the Cleveland Browns.
    I’ve been onboard this ship since 1963 when as a 6 year old child in old cleveland Stadium watched Mr.Brown tear up the field and win some AFL championships.
    Ive studied the game, cried with and for My team and Know finally the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, Our TIME HAS COME!
    By the way the damm boat is full, dont need anyone who last year made jokes,this year trying to get on deck, some how, some way i personally don’t want or need you.

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