Mike Wallace has 585,000 reasons not to weigh more than 250 pounds

Getty Images

We’ve heard of some odd contract bonuses. But this one takes the cake.

New Eagles wide receiver Mike Wallace will have a weigh-in at the first day of Philadelphia’s offseason program on Monday, where he will earn a $585,000 as long as he weighs less than 250 pounds, according to Field Yates of ESPN.

There are plenty of players with contract bonuses tied to their weight, but it’s rare to hear of one that big — even in the dollar amount or in the number of pounds over a player’s listed weight. Wallace is listed at 200 pounds and has never appeared to weigh anything close to 250.

Wallace did fail his first conditioning test after signing with the Ravens two years ago, so it’s possible that the Eagles were concerned ‏that he might not keep himself in tip-top shape during the offseason. But if Wallace were at any risk of weighing over 250, he’d be beyond just not in tip-top shape for an NFL wide receiver. He’d be out of shape for an NFL fan.

Wallace wrote on Twitter that he has to lose five pounds by Monday. We’re pretty sure he’s joking.