OBJ won’t be off the market until he signs a long-term deal

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Plenty of questions still linger regarding whether the Giants will trade receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Some think he’ll be traded. Some think we won’t be traded. (Some think both.)

Here’s what I think. (I think there’s a chance some of you may not care what I think.) Unless and until the Giants and Beckham reach an agreement on a long-term deal, a trade can still happen.

Beckham showed up this week for offseason workouts. The time is right to work something out. If it doesn’t happen before OTAs or training camp, Beckham could boycott. Even if he shows up for the start of the regular season, acrimony will linger until the Giants pay him, or until they trade him to a team who will.

Some may think that Beckham’s desire to be paid as the kind of character flaw for which he needs mentoring, under the not-so-subtle threat of being publicly called out if he resists. Others may think that Beckham deserves to get paid, and that he should do whatever he has to do to get paid. (Some may think both.)

Regardless, the Giants deliberately let the trade cat out of the bag. While they may now be trying to herd said cat in order to get Beckham focused on a potential long-term deal, until that long-term deal is done a trade necessarily remains on the table.

17 responses to “OBJ won’t be off the market until he signs a long-term deal

  1. Am I the only one that thinks the Giants should make him play this year on his current $8M contract so that they know he healthy and won’t be butthead? They still have the tags leverage next year.

  2. I hope Giants sign him to a huge long term contract. Guy has all the talent in the world but his mind isn’t in the game the way it should be. They won’t win a championship with him.

  3. Landry gets paid because he was a 2nd rounder and OBJ does not? One is a great WR like Anquon Boldin (not style) while the other is more like Larry Fitzgerald(again, not style). But one reading this should know what I mean.

    Blame the CBA. Not fair being picked in the first round protects the teams (5th year option) but not the star players. It protects the ‘tweeners’ like Andrus Peat.

    Guaranteed contracts across the board for those drafted or who can finagle them are good. But draftees should all get 3 year guarantees. You know after 3.

    Amari Cooper will get a 5th year option and Kevin White might make it to 10 catches. Tag Cooper and that’s 6 years at less that what Landry will make. I’d rather have Landry, so maybe a ba comparo but the point is, the pay system is flawed.

    The money being saved by these rookie contracts are being used on the better players, whether they be overpaying for Richburg, Solder or a QB, but it’s still better than giving 50M for Bradford or Jamarcus. So at least they’re heading in the right direction.

  4. The Giants won’t pay him and they won’t trade him. Period. Full Stop.

    They are not offering him a contract extension with the amount he demands. They are also asking for too much in return for a trade.

  5. Let him rot. No team in the league should sign him. He’s a diva coming off a major injury who is demanding 20 million a year. Make him the first example of how not to conduct yourself and have him find job outside of football.

  6. He’s not that good anymore. He’s a flash in the pan. His past injuries will now hurt his future production. He’s the epitome of a diva and distraction ON the field. When he is healthy enough to be on the field, since the catch over Brandon Carr, he now tries to do way too many one handed catches and has missed otherwise catchable balls because of it. I don’t think he’s coachable either. If I’m NY, I’d take a 1st + other pick and move on.

  7. Please pay him $20 milli per year for 5 years… PLEASE!!! Oh, and also please pass on a QB in this draft and ride Eli until the wheels fall off…


  8. Highly paid diva WR’s are team killers. It’s ridiculous to waste a large chunk of your cap space on a WR. Just ask Mr. Jones.

  9. guypatsfan says:
    April 13, 2018 at 8:53 am
    OBJ needs to get rid of that idiotic looking hair. Makes him look like a clown.


    Man Law #36: Men don’t care about another man’s hair.

    Happy Friday

  10. cem53 says:

    April 13, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Highly paid diva WR’s are team killers. It’s ridiculous to waste a large chunk of your cap space on a WR. Just ask Mr. Jones.
    STOP IT, with ALL these average QB’s getting 20+ mil a year for doing NOTHING, you got QB’s not even getting there teams to the playoffs or in contention getting paid and your gonna sit there and say WR’s are team killers? The bottom line is if OBJ is not in the Giants future, then get rid of him and get something for him, stop holding each other hostage. 2 1st round picks is too much I think but if your picking from 25-32 each year and you think he’s going to help you then its not but I think the Giants may settle for a 1st and maybe 2 other picks but there GM is not trustworthy look at all the top talent he got rid of in Carolina.

  11. The guy ranked 10th, 5th, and then 3rd in receiving yardage in his first 3 years….he breaks his ankle in week 4 of his 4th year and misses the rest of the season….and because of that he’s now not good anymore and a “flash in the pan”? What sort of logic is that?

  12. There is no way a team that is as bad as the Giants and that is in process of rebuilding should make a wide receiver, at this point a supplemental position, the highest paid position on the team, especially the highest paid non-quarterback position. The Giants have dire needs at every position and to saddle themselves with such a huge monetary commitment to a position – and person – that in the past three years has done nothing to help them win a meaningful game is ridiculous. Trading Beckham is the best long term option the Giants have.

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