Orlando Brown using awful Combine workouts as motivation

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Oklahoma left tackle Orlando Brown knew he made a mess of the Scouting Combine.

But when middle-schoolers kept reminding him how bad it was, he had to unplug for a moment.

The All-American tackle hit reset after a disastrous set of workouts in Indianapolis, in which the he managed just 14 reps in the 225-pound bench press (fewest of any offensive lineman), a 5.85-second 40-yard dash (slowest at the entire event), an 82-inch broad jump (shortest at the combine by 7 inches) and a 19.5-inch vertical (shortest at the combine by 4 inches).

Brown told Jake Trotter of ESPN.com that he had to abandon Twitter because of “so many 12-year olds telling me they’re stronger than me.”

“Measurables are measurables, and that’s what the general managers and the head coaches and scouts use, and it’s understood — you can’t knock it,” Brown said. “You’ve got all these guys, they’ve run 4.9s and been successful. But you’ve also got guys that run 4.9s and been bad. I think I’m an unusual prospect, the way my film is and my unusual testing. Yeah, it’s a pretty big deficiency. But the film speaks for itself. Hopefully these NFL teams look at that and recognize who I am, . . . and understand what I can do at the next level.”

After the disappointment of his previous numbers, he could only really get better at Oklahoma’s pro day. He did a better 18 reps in the bench press, ran a 5.63 40, broad jumped 89 inches and posted a 25-inch vertical.

He was considered a possible first-rounder before the Combine, and it’s unclear if scouts will be able to overlook that after a better set of numbers at pro day. The tape is generally good, and he’s been endorsed by his quarterback. And for a 6-foot-8, 345-pound man with 35-inch arms, some of the testing isn’t the best indicator of what he’s about. But he’s also going to have to convince teams it’s not a sign of work ethic (though the fact he came to Oklahoma over 400 pounds shows some degree of work on his body).

“The combine doesn’t represent who I am,” he said. “My mentality, or anything like that.”

He better hope not, or the 12-year-olds will let him hear it.

11 responses to “Orlando Brown using awful Combine workouts as motivation

  1. I remember the buzz over the LT that protected Andrew Luck at Stanford. He lasted about 2 years in the NFL. This kid will have DEs waving at him as they fly by to the QB

  2. He’s a freaking OL. Can he move his feet sideways a few steps quickly, anticipate moves, and use his long arms to keep defensive ends away from the quarterback? Can he read blitzes and remember assignments? Oklahoma had a very very legit schedule, so if he was able to whoop ass on his opponents there, I think he’s still safely a high 2nd-round pick.

  3. Teams should discount the “measurables” in this case. I know a 5 foot 6 inch guy who could out-lift, jump and run this guy by a mile but would be run over in a heartbeat by a defensive end. Long armed guys often can’t lift weights as well as compact guys but that isn’t what tackles do on the field. There might be some value in the cone drill times and the first 10 yards of the 40 yard dash times, other than that, go by the on field production.

  4. Please become a Patriot.

    Zero sacks. Dude is a blue chip franchise LT just like his old man.
    Then again his pop had to go the undrafted free agent route before becoming the NFL’s highest paid offensive linemen. Something tells me the Browns will select him to replace another Browns legend in Joe Thomas.

    It’s probably fair to say that Thomas and Brown sr. are the two best OT’s in Browns history.

  5. Who knows, but I have a feeling some already-good team is going to get a steal by drafting him low.

  6. I always figured that people who are good on tape and but fail at the combine are usually a good bet because they play well in real game situations and they aren’t just relying on physical gifts where in the NFL those gifts wont be much more superior than the competition and the playing field is leveled.

  7. I’m sure Baker Mayfield made him look much better. This guy will get an NFL QB knocked out in his first series. Slow, not very strong and not very athletic doesn’t say much for his NFL chances. I can’t see him being a first-rounder now. Some team may take a risk on him but I see him more of a second-day pick.

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