PFT PM features a visit with Derwin James

Getty Images

Yes, it’s been a little while since a new episode of PFT PM was posted. On Friday, that changed.

It changed in large part because I had a chance to interview former Florida State defensive back Derwin James, one of the top defensive players in the draft.

Friday’s show also took a closer look at the news of the day, headlined by the decision of the Cowboys to cut receiver Dez Bryant. Did they wait too long to do it? What will he do next? Why didn’t they offer a pay cut? That and more (I think; it’s been a few hours since we taped the thing) will be answered if you listen to the podcast.

Meanwhile, and at the risk of sounding like a guy who is fishing for compliments and/or well-wishes, let me know in the comments whether you want PFT PM to continue. I like doing it, but with three hours of radio/TV every morning and posting duties at PFT, that extra hour or so of late-afternoon executive time comes in handy.