Report: Dez Bryant not on radar in Washington right now

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Dez Bryant is a free agent and he reportedly expressed a desire to see the Cowboys twice this year after getting his walking papers in Dallas.

As anyone familiar with the league’s scheduling rules is well aware, the three teams set to face the Cowboys twice in 2018 are the other three teams in the NFC East. According to a report on Friday, though, one of those teams isn’t thinking about signing Bryant at the moment.

Mike Jones of USA Today reports that Bryant is not on the radar in Washington right now. The phrasing leaves room for that to change, although the Redskins may not think there’s room for him in a receiving group that’s currently fronted by Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson.

Other teams will likely entertain the possibility of finding space for Bryant on their roster. Of the other two teams in the NFC East, the Giants would seem to make more sense on paper as they’d have space next to Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard if, as some have predicted, they were to part ways with Brandon Marshall.

10 responses to “Report: Dez Bryant not on radar in Washington right now

  1. Too bad the Raiders already sunk $$ into Jordy Nelson, Jee–if only Reggie expand his horizons beyond what used to be in GB

  2. So Dez wants to face the Cowboys twice a year. Ok, so what NFC East team is dumb enough to give a washed up receiver a big contract? Congrats Redskins!!

  3. There was a reason this dude dropped all the way to pick #24. Nobody wanted to touch his diva personality.

  4. 3 of his 8 years he failed to reach anything close to 1K yards. It has been 4 seasons since that happened. His targets were up and catch percentage down last year indicating some real degradation in skill may be occurring. Offering him a one year “prove it” type of contract is likely in the works.

    I know Seahawks are needing a WR and they host the Cowboys next season, but Cap Space issues would require a multi year contract, so I’m not sure I would be overjoyed if he was offered a contract by them.

  5. As if Washington has a clear possession threat on the outside…if Bryant is willing to accept an economic deal then they should do it. The Eagles don’t need him with Alshon there, and the Giants are likely wary of spending on free agents after the Jerry Reese era (plus they already have Brandon Marshall who fills that same role, they might as well hold on to him instead of going after Dez).

    I mean, the Rams are probably going to jump onto line 1 with a ridiculous deal immediately, but whatever. Jacksonville or Indy would be extremely interesting to see, though. Or even Green Bay, considering their current lack of any reciever who can fight press coverage. Chicago is another intriguing possibility.

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