Aldon Smith transferred to a substance-abuse center

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After showing up at the sheriff’s department with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.40 percent, former NFL linebacker Aldon Smith is getting the help he obviously needs.

Via the Bay Area News Group, Smith has been transferred to an in-patient substance-abuse center. He’s due to return to court on May 3.

Smith faces a variety of charges, which began with an alleged incident of domestic violence that occurred on March 3. He thereafter allegedly violated a court order to stay away from the alleged victim, and he then failed to appear in court. Then came the ridiculously high BAC reading, which resulted in Smith being jailed on $500,0000 bail.

The seventh overall pick in the 2011 draft, Smith played for the 49ers and Raiders. The league suspended him multiple times, most recently in November 2015. He hasn’t played in the NFL since then.

23 responses to “Aldon Smith transferred to a substance-abuse center

  1. His football career is over. Right now, he needs to get himself right in order to do something else in the world.
    I don’t know how many options he has.
    What can he do for a living?

  2. how is this Animal in a “care facility”..Previous domestic and gun’s like putting Hannibal Lecter on house arrest ! just a joke..Mr Smith is gonnna hurt one of those little day-care attendant’s !!!! Not Going to End well…..Never does for Smith now he’s going to hurt an innocent health care worker…Should be in jail with level 5 defenders !!!

  3. Liberal as I am, I think it’s time this guy is taken off the streets and sentenced to some time. Nothing else seems to get through to him.

  4. BAC of: 0.400–0.500

    Effects on behavior: Severe central nervous system depression, Coma, Possibility of death

    Effects on Impairment: Breathing, Heart rate, Positional alcohol nystagmus

  5. 0.4%, really? I believe, medically, that alcohol level usually renders the subject in a coma. Dude must have a major tolerance built up to be functional at that level. Most people can’t walk or speak intelligibly at 0.3%.

  6. November 2015. He hasn’t played in the NFL since then.
    So when do you stop bringing him up? Seriously. If you must keep us abreast of his ongoings, where are the reports on Titus Young? Seriously? The guy hasn’t played in 2.5 years.

  7. HOW ppl Don’t want this Savage locked up in a Controlled facility “prison”.Not a Jail..But Prison ! After ALL HIS CHARGES THAT WE KNOW OF..SO MANY charges in Collage swept under the carpet !! u ppl Remember Arron Hernandez ???..such a nice guy! SMITH IS A PYSCO !!!!!

  8. Every man that attacks women should have to do mandated alcohol drug when it’s onvolved and anger management for at least a yr. AND. Prison if more than once. All of them start out the same and all of them eventually escalate. It’s appalling to know this goes on and they just continue to do it to the next. Unless a woman goes into a relationship KNOWING the mans history (in which case that woman is must be a nutjob) then the woman she should have Swift financial recourse too. Smacks on the wrist are no longer acceptable

  9. He would just be hitting his prime right now too. If straight, he would have been a perennial all pro.

  10. Yup – with him and Mack – the Raider D would be much improved…Raiders catch yet another bad break. They rolled the dice giving him a 2nd chance and he tossed it away. More guys like him in the league now than not.

  11. I am still amazed with his rap sheet a mile long during his time with the 49ers which ended in his release, the Raiders immediately signed him. Hello? So many red flags. Good job, Goooo Regggie! GOAT GM who has now been replaced by Gruden (man, I love that guy). LOL.

  12. Aldon Smith is an alcoholic. Unless you’ve ever been addicted to anything you have no clue what this man is going through. I’m not saying what he’s done is right, but throwing him in prison is the wrong move.

    Our justice system is a mess. A drug addict breaks into a home because he needs money for drugs, gets caught and he’s sent to prison. Would you say that person is a drug addict or a criminal? If they weren’t addicted to drugs they wouldn’t commit crimes.

    Criminals need to be rehabilitated for hundreds of reasons. Those who can’t be rehabilitated should be executed. No need for prisons.

  13. So I’m reading along and think yes rehab and education need to be a part of the court process but then I keep reading and think…at what point do they need to be responsible for their actions and life? Addicts have it as a crutch to say if I wasn’t wasted I wouldn’t have…then that means they know the problem…so no longer an excuse. Once the problem is recognized it’s their responsibility to deal with it. Instead it’s easier not to and run from it and the problems it has caused. They ruin marriages, kids, their jobs, strangers. But get away with it. They have to do something at some point to be responsible for their actions and not have others suffer because of it. So answer…they are an addict who now has become a criminal. But I see what you are saying until I read the execute part…a bit extreme don’t you think lol.

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