Allen Hurns: I won’t wear 88 in Dallas, they should retire it

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The Cowboys have released wide receiver Dez Bryant, weeks after signing wide receiver Allen Hurns. Hurns wore No. 88 in Jacksonville, the number Bryant wore in Dallas. So does Hurns have his jersey number now?

Nope. Hurns said after Bryant was released that he wouldn’t feel right about taking the 88 jersey off Bryant’s back.

“I will not be wearing 88, they might as well retire that number,” Hurns wrote on Twitter.


Before Bryant, the Cowboys had two great receivers wear No. 88 in Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin. Pearson once said that he didn’t think Bryant was living up to the standards of the number. It remains to be seen whether anyone will ever live up to that number in Dallas again, but Hurns won’t try.

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  1. I am still not sure whether he won’t wear it out of respect for Dez or for the receivers that actually did something with it. Retire it in honor of Pearson or Irving, sure I get that. Retire it because of Dez Bryant? Not so much.

  2. firstdownbrowns says:
    April 14, 2018 at 8:46 am
    Please make it stop. Dez was a good ball player for a few years. he was cut for a reason.


    I think its more because of HOF Michael Irvin

  3. Now we will draft WR first round so that Dakota and he can build chemistry for years to come.
    I wish defense was the first pick, but I now see them trading our second to Seattle for Earl Thomas.
    So we remain thin at LB. Not sure what the plan is there. I was hoping LB round One cuz Lee & Smith are good
    but they are a liability health wise.
    Actually we may not trade for Earl Thomas after all. Garrett likes to draft (which is smart) then to over pay older players.
    Thus being said Earl Thomas is a pro bowler with a few really good years left, and we need to win NOW and stop rebuilding every position from scratch.
    So what are we doing? Round 1? Round 2? WR/LB/DT/S All Needs.

  4. Message sent Loud & Clear, This is Dakotas Team. Love Garretts and Stephens leadership. Jerry has been slowing giving up final say so the past few years. I said it years ago when they signed Greg Hardy that Jason Didnt like it (you could tell by his interviews) and his demeanor. Manziel was on jerrys radar badly, didnt happen. Dez was a loud mouth distraction on the side lines and in the locker room (crippling Daks leadership) buh bye dez.
    Our drafts has been so much better the past five or so years. Takes time for the Right Coach to be able to work and wear jerry down. Stephen Jones learned how NOT to work like his daddy. Thank goodness.
    For those who hate Jasons positive HC style (clapping) and direction that he has taken this team, I ask you….
    What did Bill Parcells win here? What did the “revolving door” at HC get us all those years?
    Takes time to rebuild a entire team the right way, none the less working for Jerry Jones.

  5. The number should have been retired before Dez tried to make himself Irvin 2.0

    And yeah yeah, they don’t “retire” numbers, they just take certain numbers off the table for anyone else to ever wear again. I don’t see much difference there.

  6. Dallas does not retire numbers. There are a few they do not reissue for the regular season–chief among them 74, 12 and 8–though they do on occasion issue them for training camp.

  7. They should have retired it after Pearson. And then retired whatever number Irvin had when he was done.

    Bryant may get into the historical discussion, but the Romo era was another Danny White era. More than enough talent but just couldn’t quite put it all together.

  8. Pearson, Irvin AND Bryant, that’s three all-time legendary Cowboys. Just retire #88 already Jerruh!! Geez. Respect to Hurns for not hesitating to take this stance. Nice to see some younger players still respect the game’s history and their predecessors.

  9. Hurns is wearing #17 for a reason, google it and find out.
    The only number in Dallas that is off limits is the #22, the do not “retire” numbers.

  10. blackstrat says:
    April 14, 2018 at 8:56 am
    The Cowboys will not retire that number.
    Why would they?
    Bryant was good but retired numbers are reserved for special guys.

    I believe Hurns was saying #88 should be retired because of Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson, definitely not Dez.

  11. Come get Earl Thomas. 2 First Round picks and 2 Second Round picks for One of the Top 5 players in the NFL.

  12. If there were so many good receivers in Dallas who wore #88, maybe it’s the number, not the receiver? They should issue #88 to all of their receivers.

  13. Bryant was great when Romo was there. Romo retires and all the sudden Bryant is average or less? Weird. I wonder why that happened.

  14. It’s better for their #1 reciever to wear it and keep adding history to the number. Retiring #’s are a waste and most don’t stay retired.

  15. Barf! This is another example of the ignorance of your average NFL Player. What has possibly elevated Bryant’s Number to retirement or hall of fame status. I can only imagine what Hurns’ Wonderlic score was. I truly believe that these guys think that they have to worship every other football player maybe someone will worship their mediocrity some day.

  16. shlort says:
    April 14, 2018 at 3:17 pm
    Bryant was great when Romo was there. Romo retires and all the sudden Bryant is average or less? Weird. I wonder why that happened.


    Honestly, I think it is because Romo was never afraid of an interception whereas Dak is much more careful with the ball. I don’t think Dez ever really got much separation in his career — it wasn’t his game. Romo would toss it up and give Dez a chance to go up and get it, which he had a lot of success doing in his time with Romo. A prime example of this was the Green Bay non-catch catch. Romo threw it up even though Dez was pretty well covered because he knew that Dez would go up and fight for it.

    Dak, however, doesn’t really throw that type of ball. He wants to see Dez with a step or two before he’ll throw it to him. And, since Dez doesn’t always get a lot of separation, Dak isn’t going to throw it up and let him fight for it because it could lead to an INT, like when the ball bounced off Dez’s hands and into the hands of a defender.

  17. They should retire it, not just because of Dez. Their greatest receivers (cumulatively, of course) have worn it. Dez gave them a great few years, sure, but with Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson, you’d think that they would let that number live on in legacy only.

    Dak is a pretty good QB, but he’s not a pocket passer strictly like Romo was. The Cowboys may not have a number one reciever at the moment, but Bryant likely was not going to put those league leader type of numbers that he did early in his career with Prescott. I would have tried to get him to take a pay cut for a year until a new number one was found, but I think everyone understands that, between Dez’s lower production and his cap number, this was the inevitable solution.

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