Were Cowboys concerned that Dez wouldn’t be happy with a pay cut?

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Talk of a potential pay cut for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant began last season. He responded to the possibility bluntly: He didn’t want one.

The reality all along was that he’d be getting one, whether he wanted one or not. The only question was whether he’d be taking less than $12.5 million in 2018 salary with the Cowboys or with someone else.

So with the Cowboys never even asking Bryant to take a pay cut (Bryant has said so himself), it’s entirely possible that the Cowboys decided not to risk creating a poisonous situation with a player who quite possibly would be upset with the notion that the team carved away at the money he was supposed to make this year.

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News takes a close, comprehensive look at the situation, raising among other things the possibility that the Cowboys decided not to risk having to deal with a disgruntled Dez.

“Money was the spark, but the decision on Bryant quickly evolved into where he stands as a player, how he approaches his job and what’s important to him,” Moore writes. “Could the receiver’s temperament allow him to handle a pay cut, or would his hurt and resentment seep into the locker room and impact his interactions with coaches and teammates?”

Of course, the Cowboys now have to deal with a disgruntled Dez, from the outside not the inside. Even if he doesn’t sign with a team that will be playing the Cowboys, he’ll quite possibly be complaining about the team wherever and whenever he can. The Cowboys probably won’t care about Dez complaining, but if his complaints gain traction — and if fans start to echo the things that Dez will be saying — then it could get problematic.

It definitely will become problematic if Dez thrives in his next destination. In addition to the stones Dez may be throwing at his former team, others will start saying, “I told you so.”

Compounding matters would the possibility that the post-Dez receiving corps in Dallas can’t get it done, with no No. 1 receiver and a collection of guys who can’t do what Dez once did.

Wherever Dez goes next, an eight-year marriage has ended in a divorce that already has gotten a little ugly. How ugly it gets remains to be seen.

20 responses to “Were Cowboys concerned that Dez wouldn’t be happy with a pay cut?

  1. “Could the receiver’s temperament allow him to handle a pay cut, or would his hurt and resentment seep into the locker room and impact his interactions with coaches and teammates?”

    We all know the answer to that question.

  2. I’m sure he and his agent weighed the option of taking a pay cut or moving on to another team that might pay his perceived value which might result in a pay cut. He needs a good QB to help increase his value. I’m sure that will be the team he selects out of those interested in him.

  3. I have always said and this includes me “sometimes it is just time to go”
    You start putting in less effort, complaining about how things are run
    in the office, I’m doing all the work, I need more money..Ect.
    It’s time to go and Dez will start putting in more effort and
    will be on time for the first few meetings and he will probably do ok,
    But he is never going to be that 2014 player again.

  4. I hope Dez gets a ring, wherever he goes! Funny thing that all of the tweets, from current players, former players, and players across the league have been supportive. However, according to a tweet from Beasley, one of his best buds, the offensive players are afraid to tweet anything, for fear of being next…smh….This is a very toxic atmosphere, and it appears OC linehan, can’t be questioned on his play-calling. (you know on 3rd and goal, he calls 3 pass plays, with a struggling q/b, while Zeke is fresh as a daisy) 😦 The egos abound in Dallas, and it is NOT Jerry Jones! JG and Linehan appear to be calling the shots! As inept as both are, it would be a grand day, when Patty-cake is shown the door, with Linehan right behind!!

  5. “Compounding matters would the possibility that the post-Dez receiving corps in Dallas can’t get it done, with no No. 1 receiver and a collection of guys who can’t do what Dez once did.”

    If Dez was doing what he once did he’d be a bargain and he’d still be doing it in Dallas.

  6. I agree on cutting Dez, his temperament was his downfall. He was great for 3/4 years and when he broke his foot he came back to early and couldn’t run or cut and his physical style of play that made him great. He just couldn’t do it anymore! We may never see the X thrown up in Big D anymore, unless he visits and I’m sure he will be eager to show what he has left in the tank….

  7. In other news, Pats fans are absolutely irate with Amendola who accurately called out Bill B as a d bag.

    Ahh…cheaters getting their due.

  8. Considering all the temper tantrums Dez threw when he was well compensated it is counterintuitive to think it wouldn’t get worse if he wasn’t happy with his pay and no longer being “the guy”. Throw in his declaring no way he was taking a pay cut, it was time for him to go. He will probably do well on his new team in the short term. Until he gets over his perceived slight from Dallas. BUt it won’t last. He is no longer a #1 receiver but he will expect to be “respected” like one. And all that entails in his mind. Much of his success was dependent on Romo and his willingness to throw to a covered Bryant and counting on him to out wrestle the DB. Most QB’s aren’t willing to do that as it often results in turn overs. At this point his talent didn’t justify his baggage. Let alone salary. That’s why he wasn’t offered a pay cut after he made it clear he was not amenable to one. If he goes to the right coaching staff/QB he will have a chance to be a good #2. If his ego will allow him to. Don’t hold your breath.

  9. They already had a “disgruntled Dez” as his antics showed. Forcing a pay cut on him would have mean a “really pissed off and totally uncooperative Dez”.

    Can’t blame them one bit for cutting bait, on that they didn’t do so sooner.

  10. You think these negotiations were entertaining ? What are they gonna do with pop gun prescott after he stinks up again this year ?

  11. Bryant whined, pouted and threw temper tantrums throughout his career when things didn’t go the way he wanted. Why would anyone think that would change now and why would anyone take him seriously when he does it!

  12. Dallas will battle the Redskins and the Giants for last place in the division. The distance between any of these teams and the Eagles is huge on all fronts: coaching, player talent, ownership…. Dez will consider himself lucky to get away from the Cowboys

  13. Dallas made the right move. Dez just stopped working.Thats
    the bottom line. Not only did he stop working he blames all
    others for his decline.
    The real issue is how the organization will respond. For years
    the Cowboys have reached on their draft picks. Many times
    looking at potential over production ( Bryon Jones, Bruce Carter
    Taco Carlton) or potential over off field questions ( Dez Bryant
    Randy Gregory ) only to be burnt time after time.
    When you miss on your first round pick it is difficult to
    The Cowboys have seemed to be more focused on production
    and have made better choices. ( Dak Prescott, Awuzie, Lewis, )
    Hopefully this will be the final lesson for Jerry Jones and with
    this lesson and his son Stephen’s input they will make better
    player personal choices.
    Despite my hopes …the gambler in Jerry Jones still scares me.

  14. Long term deals rarely work out for both sides for the full duration of the contract. When you add an owner, who isn’t a legit GM., and an emotional player like Dez, the only surprise is that the marriage lasted as long as it did!

  15. Dez was a red flag guy coming out of college. Many were surprised when Dallas took him in the first round. He never had any off-field issues. His issues were all on the field. He never developed into a modern NFL wide receiver. Tom Brady is able to dominate year in and year out with mediocre WR’s who are very disciplined route runners, and who can be counted on to be in a specific spot. It takes a lot of studying and discipline. Hopefully Dez can land in Green Bay, with a super talented QB, and an offense that seems more suited for Dez.

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